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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the elected representative body of the Faculty, consisting of representatives from the four colleges of the university and the library; Senators are the voice of the Faculty. The Faculty Senate serves as a recognized channel of communication between the Faculty and the Administration. The role of the Faculty Senate is to facilitate effective participation by the Faculty in the academic affairs of the University.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

President President Elect Past President Secretary
Dr. Jennifer Alexiou-Ray Dr. Daniel Valentine Dr. Stephen Parker Dr. Tiffany Wang
Dr. Jennifer Alexiou-Ray Dr. Daniel Valentine Dr. Stephen Parker

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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes (2017-2018)

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Faculty Senate Roster

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College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)
Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences FS Reps: 4
Senator FS Term
Dr. Greg Longo F15 – 18
Dr. Virginia “Lee” Bare F16 – 19
Dr. Meredith Tetloff F17 – 20
Dr. Andrea Eckelman F17 – 20
Dr. Stephen Parker (past president) ex officio
Department of Biology, Chemistry, & Mathematics FS Reps: 4
Dr. Dalila Mathews F15 – 18
Dr. Christine Sestero F15 – 18
Dr. John Herron F15 – 18
Dr. Benton Tyler F17 – 20
Department of Communication and Science Disorders FS Reps: 1
Dr. Daniel Valentine F16 – 19
Department of English & Foreign Languages FS Reps: 4
Dr. Jeremy Wear F16 – 19
Dr. Erin Chandler F16 – 19
Dr. Michael Patton F16 – 19
Dr. Samantha Webb F17 – 20
College of Business (COB) FS Reps: 3
Dr. Tom Sanders F15 – 18
Dr. Jim Connell F16 – 19
Dr. Doug Smith F16 – 19
College of Education (COE)
Department of Health & Human Services FS Reps: 3
Dr. Donna Bell F15 – 18
Dr. Stacy Bishop F15 – 18
Dr. Latofia Parker (sub–Judith Harrington) F16 – 19
Department of Teaching, Leadership, & Technology FS Reps: 4
Dr. Jennifer Alexiou-Ray F15 – 18
Dr. Jenifer Moore-Williams F16 – 19
Dr. Gregory Samuels F16 – 19
Dr. Alvin Taylor F17 – 20
College of Fine Arts (CoFA)
Department of Art FS Reps: 3
Dr. Catherine Walsh F15 – 18
Mr. Lee Somers F16 – 19
Ms. Karen Graffeo F17 – 20
Department of Communication FS Reps: 2
Mr. Brook Pruitt F16 – 19
Dr. Tiffany Wang F17 – 20
Department of Music FS Reps: 2
Dr. Rebecca Halliday F15 – 18
Dr. Joseph Sargent F15 – 18
Department of Theatre FS Reps: 1
Ms. Emily Gill F17 – 20
Carmichael Library FS Reps: 1
Ms. Amanda Melcher F16 – 19