Physical Plant

Mechanic Shop

The Auto Mechanic shop maintains all the university vehicles including our heavy equipment, grounds equipment and small engines. This shop also operates the motor pool.

To reserve a motor pool vehicle, please contact or 665-6160.

*Please schedule one week in advance. All drivers must be employed by the university and have a valid drivers license.

Vehicle Rental Rates

Type Rate per mile Minimum daily charge
Cargo Van $0.67 $30.00
Minivan $0.67 $25.00
Passenger $0.67 $30.00

**Rental rates will be charged based off of whichever is higher, rate per mile or daily charge.**

Available Vehicles

Identification Description Type Capacity (includes driver)
P-01 Chevrolet Passenger 12
P-02 Ford Passenger 12
P-03 Pontiac Minivan 6
P-04 Ford Transit Passenger 12
P-05 Venture Minivan 6
P-06 Chevrolet Passenger 12
P-07 Handicap Accessible
P-08 Chevrolet Cargo 2
P-09 Dodge Liftgate Liftgate Truck 2
P-10 Ford Passenger 12
P-11 MPV Uplander Minivan 6
P-12 Ford Transit Passenger 12