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Withdrawal & Drop Policy

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Withdrawal Process Steps

  1. Students should contact the following offices prior to submitting a withdrawal request:
    Student Account – 205-665-6065
    Student Aid (if applicable) – 205-665-6050
    Housing (if applicable) – 205-665-6235
    Athletics (if applicable) – 205-665-6600
    Student Employment (if applicable) – 205-665-6071
    *Please view below the refund rate table link as well.*
  2. Students intending to withdraw from the semester/term before the posted deadline must submit a withdrawal form.
  3. All withdrawal requests are reviewed by Student Aid before being forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Students submitting the online withdrawal form will receive email notifications at each step of the process.
  4. Students receive email confirmation of withdrawal from the Registrar’s Office. Students should verify their withdrawal status by checking their account balance and class schedule in Banner Self-Service.

Dropping a Single Course

Click on University Bulletin for more information and date of last day to drop a course.

Athletes must have permission to drop a course from the Athletic Department.  Click here to access the request form.

Students may drop and/or add courses through Banner Self-Service during the specified period, as indicated in the University Calendar. A student who is considering either dropping or adding a course should discuss the proposed change with the academic adviser. Please keep in mind that, depending on the date, a grade of “W” may be assigned and fees may be included.

To withdraw from a class (that is not your last class), you will follow these steps:

  • Login to Banner Self Service
  • Click on the Student link or Student tab
  • Click on the Registration link
  • Click on the link for Register for Classes
  • Select your semester (term)
  • In the Summary Panel under the Action column click on the drop-down arrow and select Drop Course
  • Click on Submit to complete the process

If you are wanting to withdraw from all of your classes or your last class, you will need to submit a Withdrawal Form.

Withdrawal from the semester/term

Students intending to withdraw from the semester/term (this is not a withdrawal from the University) prior to the withdrawal deadline must submit to the Registrar’s Office a withdrawal form signed by Student Aid Office. Students receiving financial aid should consult the Student Aid Office to determine the effect the withdrawal may have on their financial aid. Students residing on campus should notify the Office of Housing and Residence Life of their intent to withdraw and must check out of the residence hall within 24 hours of withdrawal. Completion of these procedures results in official withdrawal from the semester/term at the University, and a grade of “W” is recorded for each course. Courses will not appear on the student’s transcript if the withdrawal is completed prior to the conclusion of the add/drop period. Students may not withdraw from the University after the semester/term withdrawal deadline, which is published in the University Calendar in the University Bulletin, unless they are approved for a Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances (see below for more information). Students who do not adhere to the withdrawal procedures will receive the appropriate grade(s) posted by faculty to the academic record at the conclusion of the semester/term. Click on University Bulletin for me information.

Student must submit a form for each semester/term the student wishes to withdraw.

Refer to the University Calendar for last day to withdraw.

Withdrawal Form – Online
Withdrawal Form – Paper
Withdrawal/Drop Refund Rate Schedule (Tuition, Fees, Room, and Board)
Effects on Student Account
Effects on Student Aid

Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances

In the case of prolonged illness, debilitating accident, family emergency, or comparably serious personal situations that occur after the withdrawal deadline and that are beyond a student’s control, the student may request a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances. A student seeking a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances must withdraw from all courses for that semester/term; a partial withdrawal for extenuating circumstances will typically not be approved. If a withdrawal for extenuating circumstances is granted, the student will receive a “W” grade for any course in which he/she is enrolled with a special notation on the transcript denoting extenuating circumstances. Documentation of the student’s situation must be submitted with the withdrawal for extenuating circumstances form as soon as possible but no later than 30 days following the end of the semester/term for which the student is seeking to be withdrawn.

Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances Form

Military Withdrawal

The University of Montevallo is committed to supporting service men and women of the United States and the State of Alabama. Military students may apply for a Late Start or a Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) from the University if they are called to duty and must withdraw from the semester/term, leave prior to the end of the semester/term, attend training during the semester/term, or miss the beginning of the semester/term due to military orders. Details are available from the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs. Click on University Bulletin for more information.