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Teacher Education Services

Welcome to the Teacher Education Services (TES) webpage. Teacher Education Services deals with TEP admission and retention; internship eligibility; and teacher certification upon completion of a teacher certification program. The Office of Field and Clinical Experiences, housed within Teacher Education Services, arranges field experience placements including placements for internship.  See the links on the right side of the page for specific information.

Teacher Education Services offers a scholarship for undergraduate or Alt A interns and for graduate students in professional education programs (MEd, EdS, and RHO).

The TES Scholarship covers internship course or one graduate level education course. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Admitted and registered for the upcoming semester.
  • Upcoming undergraduate or Alt A intern, traditional MEd student in any program, RHO student, or EdS student in any program.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for undergraduates, 3.5 or higher for MEd/RHO students, 3.75 or higher for EdS students.
  • For first semester graduate students, MEd students must have a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, EdS students must have a 3.75 MEd GPA.
  • Maintain enrollment during the eligible semester. Students who drop or withdraw will be required to repay funds to UM.
  • Interns must meet all internship requirements before applying.

Deadlines: Application deadlines are February 15 for the Fall semester and September 15 for the Spring semester. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

The TES Scholarship Application can be found here.

Important Reminders:

UM email is the preferred and most efficient method of communication with the Teacher Education Services Office. Also, the TES webpage may contain the answer to your question.

Important Dates:

TEP Application (Undergraduate Only): For more information, see the TES Teacher Education Program page.
* Fall TEP applicants: September 1st
* Spring TEP applicants: February 1st
* Summer TEP applicants: May 1st

TEP Paperwork: This includes the background check, TEP Interview, and successful test results; coursework and GPA will be reviewed by TES at the end of each term.
* Spring TEP admission: November 1st
* Summer TEP admission: April 1st
* Fall TEP admission: July 1st

Internship Application: Applications received after the deadline may have limited placement options. For more information, see the TES Internship page.
* Spring Internship applicants: September 1st
* Fall Internship applicants: February 1st

Internship Paperwork: This includes additional test results and TB test; coursework and GPA will be reviewed by TES at the end of each term.
Spring Internship: November 1st
* Fall Internship: August 1st

TES Scholarship:
*Scholarships awarded for Spring semester are due September 15th
*Scholarships awarded for Fall semester are due February 15th
No scholarships will be awarded for the Summer.
See the TES Scholarship Application above for more information.

Certification Application: For more information, see the TES Certification page.
* December graduates: November 1st
* May graduates: April 1st
* Summer completers: July 1st


About Us

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff handles all matters related to state certification. In addition, staff members monitor admission, retention, and completion requirements for all programs that lead to state licensure. They work with faculty in developing new programs, updating current programs, and preparing current programs for accreditation reviews.

Driving Directions

For directions to the University of Montevallo from Birmingham or from Montgomery, click here

Below are directions to find Teacher Education Services when you arrive on campus.

Visitor Parking: Enter campus through the brick columns off Oak Street. Turn almost immediately to the right at Palmer Hall. Visitor parking is available in the large lot to the right of Palmer Hall.

Wills Hall: From the visitor parking lot walk around or past Palmer Hall, and toward the large bronze statue of hands (the “Becoming” statue). Wills Hall is on King-Harman Street which runs left just beyond the statue. Facing Wills Hall, we are immediately to the right of the old water tower and immediately to the left of Bloch Hall.

Teacher Education Services: Second floor Wills Hall, Room 207