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Academic Support


To assist with the academic success of UM students, the Falcon Success Center offers academic advising support through Early Academic Alert, general studies advising, ContinuUM advising, and faculty advising support.

Early Academic Alert

Challenges and concerns arise in and out of the classroom.  Early Academic Alert allows faculty members to submit academic concerns, such as poor class performance or attendance, to the Falcon Success Center.  The FSC then partners with the student’s academic advisor and other campus partners to provide outreach and support for the student.

General Studies Academic Advising

The Falcon Success Center supports students who have not yet declared a major.  Students majoring in General Studies will work with their academic advisor and campus partners to help them discover degree programs that fit their personal, academic and career goals. 

ContinuUM Advising

The Falcon Success Center, in collaboration with the Office of Admissions, supports the ContinuUM program.  This program is aimed to serve local two-year college students who wish to transfer to the University of Montevallo.  Pre-transfer academic advising support is available to students participating in the program to assist with the seamless transfer process.  

Faculty Advising Support

In collaboration with faculty, the Falcon Success Center develops training modules, reviews advising policies and procedures, and promotes other initiatives to support academic advising across campus.

  • Transforming Academic Advising (TAA) Updates

Transforming Academic Advising, supported by the Falcon Success Center with collaboration from campus partners, will result in a clear definition of advising, defined outcomes, a training and professional development plan for advisors, shared advising policies and procedures, a support network for advisors, and other advising related-initiatives.

Definition and Goals of Academic Advising

TAA Representatives