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Instructional Technology Toolkit

Person typing on laptop with a quote from Mark Anderson that reads, "Learning with technology is a bit like carpentry. It's important to find the right tool for the job."

Here you will find many instructional technologies to add to your “technology toolkit.”  The technologies are categorized by instructional use – classroom technologies, student collaboration and discussion tools, tools for delivering course content, discipline specific tools, tools for assessing student learning, game-based learning, and time saver tools. Depending on the functions they serve, some technologies are included in more than one category. When you select a category, you will find a list of tools, a short description of each tool, and a step-by-step help sheet for using the tool. Most of the help sheets also include links to additional resources like video tutorials that may be helpful for adopting the tool.
It is important to consider accessibility for students who need accommodation as you plan course content and activities. Not all tools included in the Malone Center Instructional Technology Toolkit are fully accessible, but all can be valuable for teaching and learning. If you choose to use these tools, please consider how you will make the activity or assignment accessible if requested.

Flow chart for choosing the correct instructional technology tool. First, determine which improvement could be made to your course or problem solved. Then, determine which learning function applies. Finally, review the tools in the appropriate category and select the tool that is the best fit.

The Malone Center staff would be happy to sit down with you and help you select the best tool to fit your needs and/or help you adapt a tool for your course. Contact us today!

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