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Instructional Design and Canvas Support

Instructional Design

Instructional design is an iterative process between a course instructor and a professional instructional designer. While the typical intent is to convert a traditional face-to-face course to hybrid and/or online formats, the process can also lead to a better integration of Canvas or other technology tools into an existing course model.

During the process, the instructional designer meets with the instructor to learn course objectives and review current course materials.  Together, the instructor and the designer determine how best to deliver content according to goals set by the instructor, and the designer helps to guide development of the appropriate course modules. There are many steps to the process with revisions and approvals along the way. Typically the process takes about 14 weeks for a complete course conversion.

Instructional design consultations can be scheduled at the convenience of the instructor by contacting the Online Instructional Designer, Audra White at

To Access Canvas
Canvas Link

Canvas is Montevallo’s friendly and intuitive Learning Management System used for delivering online, hybrid and web-enhanced traditional courses.

You may begin your Canvas experience by clicking the Canvas icon above and using your UM credentials to log in. Return to this site at any time to access videos or quick guides to answer any questions you have concerning the system. Some videos that may be helpful to all users can be located on the All Users Video Guide page.

Technology Support Policy

The Malone Center staff is pleased to assist University faculty in identifying, adapting, and adopting technologies to support their instructional goals. However, with the rapidly expanding array of instructional technologies that are available and in keeping with evidence-based best practices, we focus our efforts on technologies with the greatest potential for positively impacting student learning and our campus community as a whole. This includes:

At this time, we cannot support any individually licensed technologies such as book publishers’ learning platforms. If you are interested in adopting such a tool, we encourage you to review IS&T’s Policies and Procedures webpage. You may also wish to contact a member of the company’s customer support team for questions regarding course use and pedagogical strategies.