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College of Arts & Sciences

Just from looking at the title, it may seem like “arts” and “sciences” are at opposite ends of the spectrum. But here at UM, it all makes sense. Our Arts & Sciences students are preparing to change the world for the better, and that requires a dual perspective. It means taking a scientific approach through asking the right questions and formulating hypotheses, but it also means that an artistic use of creativity and attention to detail is paramount. From French to Philosophy, from Chemistry to History, our students all have one thing in common: they’re going places.

Why UM for Arts & Sciences?

Arts & Sciences is the largest college at UM, so if you’re passionate about something, you’ll fit right in. Our innovative programs are the foundation of UM’s focus on interdisciplinary studies, and our professors are more than just instructors—they’re advisors, mentors. And with several unique minor options, from Game Studies and Design to Environmental Studies, Arts & Sciences is the true definition of a liberal arts education.


Visit Our Campus

A campus visit may be the single most influential part of the college decision-making process. It’s your opportunity to walk the quads, see a classroom, the caf and even a room in one of our residence halls. But most importantly, a visit offers the chance to speak with a current UM student. Schedule a visit today.

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