Forms and Procedures

Travel Forms and Procedures

Travel Procedures

UM Travel Procedures

Before Travel

Complete a Request for Travel Authorization form.
If you plan to travel Out-of-State in your personal vehicle, complete the Mileage In-Lieu of Airfare Worksheet and submit with your Travel Authorization.
If requesting reimbursement for Transportation or Registration Fees prior to travel, complete the Request for Payment form.

After Travel

Complete a Travel Reimbursement form. You will use either the In-State Travel or Out-of-State, Qualifying In-State, & International Travel form.
If you misplaced any of your travel documentation, you may complete the Lost Receipt Report.

Out-of-State RatesInternational Rates

Travel Expense Reimbursement
Which Per Diem rates should I use?

2022 Travel Forms

2022 Travel Authorization Form

2022 Request for Payment-TRAVEL USE ONLY

2022 In-State Blanket Authorization Form

2022 In-State Travel Reimbursement Form

2022 Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form

2022 Mileage In-Lieu of Airfare Worksheet 

2022 Athletic Team Travel

Lost Receipt Report