January 5, 2021

UM Athletics finds way to honor Falcons despite COVID-19’s effects 

Last March, Montevallo’s spring student-athletes experienced an abrupt end to their seasons as the Gulf South Conference canceled all athletic competitions and championships as the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold.  

The outbreak’s effects extended into the fall semester as well. In August, the Gulf South Conference Board of Directors made the decision to postpone the seasons for most sports until at least Jan. 1, 2021.  

However, the loss of on-field competition due to the dangers presented by COVID-19 did not prevent current and former Falcons from earning accolades.  

In the wake of the season postponement announcements, the UM Athletics Department got to work compiling the University’s All-Decade teams for the 2010s. Montevallo head coaches, assistant coaches and administrators selected teams for baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s tennis and volleyball. These 11 teams competed in the Peach Belt for seven seasons and the Gulf South Conference for three seasons. 

“We have had so many high-caliber student-athletes call Montevallo their home,” said Director of Athletics Mark Richard. “We are so grateful for their dedication to their sport and their athletic department. They have paved the ways for our current and future Falcons and they deserve this recognition. We thank you.” 

Each sport’s All Decade Team is listed below in alphabetical order. 


Kyle Butler                         (2010-11) 

Josh Clemen                         (2013) 

Austin Dubberly                     (2010-13) 

Will Fulmer                 (2011-14) 

Matthew Furuto                      (2016-17) 

Alex Guilford                       (2011-14) 

Matt Haskins                        (2014-15) 

Dane Hutcheon                       (2014-16) 

Chandler Ingram                     (2019- current) 

Steven Knudson                     (2015) 

Tyler Krabbe                        (2016-19) 

Kale Latorre                        (2015-18) 

Caleb Ledbetter                     (2017-18) 

Aron Mcree                          (2013-16) 

Daniel Pardo                        (2016-17) 

Heath Peterson                      (2011-12) 

Alex Pondick                        (2014-18) 

Wes Rich                            (2009-12) 

Vinnie Rodriguez                    (2011-15) 

Chris Ross                          (2010-12) 

Chrit Rudkin                        (2018-19) 

Michael Shreves                     (2011-13) 

Cas Silber                          (2017-18) 

Jackson Slaid                       (2013-14) 

Chris Sosbee                        (2009-10) 

Chad Wagner                         (2015-18) 

Taylor Walker                       (2016) 


Men’s Basketball 

Troran Brown                        (2012-15) 

Antoine Davis                       (2011-12) 

Javonte Douglas                     (2016-17) 

Drico Hightower                     (2011-13) 

Terrell Lipkins                     (2015-16) 

D.J. Rivera                           (2011-12) 


Women’s Basketball 

Taylor Beverly                      (2011-14) 

Shay Bonner                         (2012-14) 

Kiya Sain                           (2017- current) 

Morgan Smith                        (2014-16) 

Jacquelyn Thompson             (2012-16) 


Men’s Cross Country 

Donny Barnes                        (2013-17) 

Michael Johnson                     (2014-17) 

Joe Leventry                        (2018- current) 

Zane Wilson                         (2016-19) 


Women’s Cross Country 

Jodi Ann Martin                 (2017-current) 

Haley Evans                         (2019-12) 

Hannah Evans                        (2014-16) 

Justine Glass                       (2017-current) 

Kaley Glover                        (2019-12) 

Taylor Gonzales                     (2019) 

Anna Leinheiser                     (2014-16) 

In-Mi Brandsema                  (2010-13) 

Sierra Millsaps                     (2014-17) 

Katie Nelson                        (2014-17) 

Lauren Recchia                    (2011-14) 

Natalie Shoemaker             (2013-16) 

Katherine Terino                    (2013-16) 

Cheyenne Thompson          (2013-16) 


Men’s Golf 

Davis Bowyer                        (2013-17) 

Brady Carman                        (2017-current) 

Connor Godsey                       (2012) 

Paul Murphy                         (2018-current) 

Dalton Skinner                      (2012-16) 

Charles Wood                        (2016-20) 


Women’s Golf 

Ashlee Odom                    (2011-15) 

Arin Eddy                           (2015-17) 

Emily Abernathy                    (2010) 

Emily Romkey                        (2013-17) 

Kirstie Saltiel                     (2013-17) 

Elaine Wood                         (2013-17) 


Men’s Soccer 

Nate Archard                        (2010) 

Ruben Carvhalo                      (2018-19) 

Ricky Davey                         (2011-13) 

Thomas Davis                        (2011-12) 

Tyson Eyo                           (2010-12) 

Nathaniel Foster                    (2010) 

Guiliano Frano                      (2011-12) 

Yannic Horn                         (2014-15) 

Shane Howard                        (2011-12) 

Phil Jackson                        (2010-12) 

Brendan Ledgeway          (2010-13) 

Austin MacIntosh                    (2010) 

Cesare Marconi                      (2017) 

Pierre Omanga                       (2012) 

Gary Oneil                          (2010-13) 

Milan Pulic                         (2010) 

Mike Rinzema                        (2010-12) 

Steven Rocca                        (2014-16) 


Women’s Soccer 

Romee Contreras                    (2018-current) 

Allye Darnell                       (2017-current) 

Michaila Franklin                   (2016-19) 

Samara Lino                         (2017-current) 

Annie Mason                         (2018-current) 

Jade Pennock                        (2012-14) 

Christine Prince                    (2010-13) 

Tylor Ring                          (2016-19) 

Kristen Rosato                      (2007-11) 

Paige Scott                         (2009-14) 

Mel Stevens                         (2018-current) 

Hannah Waki                         (2017-current) 


Women’s Tennis 

Emily Beatty                        (2015-19) 

Maria Garcia                        (2017-19) 

Amanda Gautreaux            (2016-20) 

Allison Howell                      (2012-16) 

Alina Munteanu                      (2015-18) 

Nikola Polcerova                    (2012-15) 

Anais Robert                        (2012-15) 



Manyi Ati                           (2010-14) 

Carissa Bell                        (2012-15) 

Kristy Bohan                        (2014-17) 

Anna Archer                         (2008-11) 

Kaleigh Harvey                      (2012-13) 

Briana Marquez                      (2012-15) 

Rebekah Phelps                      (2012-15)