Alabama Traffic Safety Center

Course Price List

Course Prices

Motorcycle Safety Program

Basic Rider Course (BRC) $250.00*
Basic Bike Bonding Rider Course (BBBRC) $125.00**
Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2) $125.00**
Advanced Rider Course (ARC) $125.00**
RiderCoach Preparation Course $400.00

* denotes the corresponding discount below.

Young Driver Courses

  NSC – Distracted Driving (Online) Course                                        $35.00

YOUNG DRIVER RISK REDUCTION COURSE                                     $150.00

Safe Driver Course

Safe Driver Course $150.00

( Defensive Driver Course, online and Behind-The-Wheel, in person)


DEFENSIVE DRIVING 4-HR COURSE                                                 $75.00

DEFENSIVE DRIVING 8-HR COURSE                                                 $150.00

Motorcycle Course discounts

*BRC Discounts:  Military Members and First-Responder personnel can take the Basic Rider Course for $150. NOTE: Proof of service and/or employment (ID card, DD214 or Badge #) is REQUIRED at course start time. Failure to provide proof of service and/or employment at course start time will prevent issuance of course completion documents until the receipt of documents or full payment.

Students should enroll through our BRC online enrollment process to get the savings.

**BBBRC, BRC2, ARC Discounts:
Any individual who has completed a learn to ride course (MSF BRC or HDRA NRC) can register for any of the above courses with a $20 discount off of the registration cost (MSF course completion card number required during registration). NOTE: Presentation of the BRC/NRC course completion card used when registering is also REQUIRED at course start time. Failure to provide proof of BRC/NRC completion will prevent the issuance of applicable course documents until receipt of documents or full payment.

*Great News Any student who has successfully completed a learn to ride course through the Alabama Motorcycle Safety Program-Motorcycle Safety Foundation-Basic Rider Course (BRC) OR the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Riders Course (NRC) will be eligible for a $20.00 discount on any additional course.  Students should enroll through our online enrollment and input the MSF course completion card number to get the savings.

You must bring your course completion card and your driver’s license to the class .

* A 20% discount is available for UM Employees/Students and dependents of UM employees.*


Groups/Clubs/Organizations can contact the Alabama Traffic Safety Center at 205-665-6740 or via e-mail at to discuss separately scheduled courses for their members.