May 7, 2020

University of Montevallo offers robust computer program curriculum

The University of Montevallo is working to prepare students for cutting-edge, high-demand jobs in emerging technology fields through its growing computer-related fields of study.

UM currently offers a major and minor in computer informatics (named changed to data analytics in June 2022) and minor in cybersecurity through the Stephens College of Business as well as a computer science major and minor through the College of Arts and Sciences.

The computer informatics (name changed to data analytics in June 2022) major and minor are designed for graduates wishing to have a career in technology.  Graduates will develop foundational knowledge and advanced knowledge in the development of databases, mobile app development, coding, game development, data analysis, data mining, data integrity, data representation, cybersecurity and decision making with large datasets.

The rapid advances in data collection and storage have led to the demand for professionals capable of deriving insights from large data sets across all sectors of society including business, medicine, science and government. A degree in computer informatics (name changed to data analytics in June 2022) equips students to fill this demand and goes beyond typical information technology programs.

The computer informatics (name changed to data analytics in June 2022) program also provides students with strong computer programming skills, the ability to interact with traditional and emerging data storage systems, information assurance techniques and the communication skills necessary to support decision making. The cybersecurity program will prepare students for an in-demand career field protecting data integrity and investigating data breaches.

Both computer informatics (name changed to data analytics in June 2022) and cybersecurity are housed in UM’s Stephens College of Business.  All Stephens College students have access to the Grainger Center for Professional Practice, which assists students with internship and career placement. The Stephens College has been named a School of Distinction for 2020.

The computer science degree, with its senior seminar project and required minor, emphasizes the application and importance of Montevallo’s liberal arts education. It can provide a solid background for students intending to teach in high schools, teach in middle school, attend graduate school or enter the workforce.

Students completing the computer science major and minor programs may be qualified to work as technical support, systems designers, network technicians and system administrators. The computer science programs also prepare students to pursue master’s or doctorate degrees in computer science.  The Computer Science degree is housed in the University’s College of Arts & Sciences.

UM’s computer programs come with Montevallo’s well-earned reputation for providing a top-quality education at an affordable price, small class sizes and personalized attention from highly skilled faculty with years of experience in the industry.

The programs also offer internship opportunities with IT firms throughout the Birmingham area, which is one of the nation’s fastest growing technology hubs.

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