December 1, 2022

Student Spotlight: Jordan Dacus

Montevallo junior Jordan Dacus is making an impact on the lives of her classmates through her work in the Student Government Association.

She hopes to take that servant’s heart into her career.

In addition to her studies, she’s focusing on her work serving her fellow students as a member of the executive committee of the SGA and her work in the Alumni Office.

“My role is to ensure that every decision that is made is reflective of students’ voices being heard, and those decisions will leave a lasting legacy that represents the students that walk the halls of the University of Montevallo,” she said.

Dacus came to UM from Hoover High School, but as a self-described “military brat,” she lived several places during childhood from her birth in Shreveport, Louisiana, before moving to the Birmingham area — her parents’ home — at the age of 7.

“Because I am a woman of faith, I understand how important it is to select the right school and how it has the ability to change your life,” she said. “After much prayer, the University of Montevallo…impressed on my heart, and thus, here I am.”

Her classmates elected her to the position of director of diversity and campus outreach in the spring to serve in the 2022-2023 academic year. Before this, she served on Freshman Forum, then as a College of Arts and Sciences senator.

In working with the Alumni Office, she has a chance to meet former students.

“It allows me to connect with students that once walked the halls and the students who currently attend the University,” she said.

In balancing her extracurriculars with her class work, Dacus is taking part in an initiative to attend law school. She describes it as an amazing program that prepares students for law school.

Students may attend UM for three years of undergraduate work, and after admission to Cumberland School of Law at Samford University, they can transfer pre-law coursework to complete their final year of undergraduate work, allowing them to complete a bachelor’s degree and a law degree in six years.

When Dacus completes the program, she hopes to work in contract law.

“I would love the opportunity to assist companies or organizations when dealing with legal issues associated with creating, negotiating and enforcing contracts.”

And she might not be done with politics and public service.

“Similarly to my role now, I would love to enter the political arena to ensure the voices of the people are being heard and reflected in the decisions that are being made.”

“But this time, rather than at the university level, I want to be impactful throughout the United States.”