August 25, 2021

Student spotlight – Grace Hancock

For more than a year, University of Montevallo senior Grace Hancock’s job as a student employee in UM’s Carmichael Library has been helping her to hone skills she plans to use throughout her professional career.

Grace Hancock

Grace Hancock

After she earns her degree in communication studies in December 2022, Hancock plans to pursue a Master of Library and Information Science, attend law school and become the director of a law library – preferably in a university setting.

Her experiences working in Carmichael Library have already given her a real-world look into her future.

“Carmichael Library has allowed me to apply the management and research skills I learned in class in a real-world setting,” Hancock said. “The desk supervisors in the library have let me offer suggestions about how to improve operations in the library. This semester, I will work at the Research Help Desk, where I will be trained to answer research questions for students and offer specific guidance to patrons.”

For Hancock, her experience as a student employee is just one of the highlights of UM’s close-knit and personalized campus environment.

From the first few times she visited campus during Festival of Voices and College Night events during her junior and senior years in high school, she knew Montevallo was where she belonged.

“I learned to love our campus and could see myself walking the bricks,” Hancock said of her campus visits. “I decided to go to the prospective student night during College Night 2018, and everyone I met was so encouraging and inviting. From these experiences, I knew I could find a home at Montevallo.”

Hancock has certainly made the most of her time on the bricks. In addition to her job in the library, she has been involved with the University Conduct Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, Sustainability Council, SGA, Gold Side and Lambda Pi Eta.

She said Montevallo’s size and welcoming atmosphere have allowed her to grow significantly during her time as a student, and will allow her to graduate confident in her future goals.

“Montevallo has given me endless opportunities to grow and succeed,” she said. “Getting involved and coming to Montevallo was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”