September 7, 2022

Montevallo MADE Program Receives $25,000 Donation from Holle Family Foundation

The Holle Family Foundation donated $25,000 to the University of Montevallo MADE program in early September.

Minorities Achieving Dreams of Excellence program logoThe Holle Family Foundation was established in 2014 to continue the philanthropic commitments of Everett Holle and his family by promoting individuals and institutions throughout Central Alabama that nurture individual accomplishment and worth by addressing local disparities in knowledge, opportunity and care, according to the foundation’s website.

Jason Perry, the student diversity recruitment and retention coordinator for Montevallo MADE, said part of what makes the program so special is its partnerships, like the one it has with the Holle Foundation.

“We have partners who invest in the future of our minority students,” Perry said. “Through this, we can support our students in pursuing their goals and aspirations throughout their experience at Montevallo, with the hope of further strengthening a community of support around them as they strive toward graduation.”

“We have already seen their contribution positively impact those in our program, and we want to express our deepest gratitude for their continued generosity.”

The purpose of the Montevallo MADE program is to assist minority students in overcoming the social, emotional, academic and professional challenges that come with college. Montevallo MADE provides a safe and supportive environment for minority students to grow, connect with relatable students and build a community of students, faculty and staff committed to their success.