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Career Development Center

Career Planning


The University of Montevallo Career Development Center is committed to assisting students with developing a career plan and also finding meaning and purpose in life through their chosen vocation. Students are encouraged to discover and identify their personal traits while exploring their career options.

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Mission: The University of Montevallo Career Development Center promotes student success by providing exemplary programs, services, and resources that empower students to explore, define, and pursue meaningful employment in an ever-changing job market and workplace.

Vision: As a result of a comprehensive career planning and professional development process, integral to the overall college experience, all UM students will be focused, well prepared, fully equipped, and actively sought by employers.

Model: Career development is a process of self-discovery, exploration, decision-making, planning, and preparation that is best conceptualized by the following model:

EXPLORE | Freshman
Explore your options and choose a career path. Students begin to engage in a process of self-awareness, exploration, discernment, and design.

EXAMINE | Sophomore
Research your options and finalize your career path. Students  more closely examine their individual process and refine their individual paths.

ENGAGE | Junior
Get involved in worthwhile activities and gain experience in functions, tasks, and projects relevant to your chosen career. Students engage in co-curricular and professional activities that support their career path.

EXECUTE | Senior
Pursue and obtain a meaningful career opportunity. Students assemble the tools and resources needed to enter the job market and launch their career campaign.