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College Night

         UM College Night

Centennial Celebration

In October 2018, we will begin the Centennial Celebration of College Night. The Celebration will begin with the Centennial College Night Revue on Oct. 13. We are currently planning the revue and other festivities for October. Please fill out the survey below to help us determine the activities to include.

  Centennial Survey

Since 1919, College Night has defined the homecoming tradition at the University of Montevallo.

College Night brings students together from across campus and across disciplines to participate in a unique theatrical and athletic competition that has no rival, and alumni return year after year to support their “side” – either Purple or Gold. While games of basketball, soccer and volleyball contribute to the point total, the musical shows are the focal point of Homecoming weekend. Written and produced entirely by students “from the ground up,” College Night shows are original in every dimension and are judged by professionals on a number of criteria. Bragging rights are won or lost for the remainder of the year.

In 2000, College Night was named a “Local Legacy” by the Library of Congress and has an exhibit there in the American Folklife Center.

Production Videos

The College Night Committee is pleased to announce that College Night productions are now available as videos on demand. For $20, you can stream or download any productions from the last ten years: