It’s always a fun time to reconnect with college friends and former classmates, but the 50-year celebration is one you don’t want to miss. Below is a note from a 1972 alum about her return last year.


By Jo Ann Beverly Brown ’72

We were three Health, Physical Education and Recreation majors who were also cheerleaders for our Montevallo Basketball team. Our common interests drew us close during our four years in college.

One day in February we were walking across campus and saw three giggling little old ladies crossing ahead of us with what looked like golden beauty queen ribbon sashes across their dresses.  We looked at each other like “What in the world is that about?” Our answer came soon after that they were the GOLDEN GIRLS, but this was long before the comedy program on TV. These adorable little old ladies had been us fifty years before, during their girls-only years at Montevallo. Looking at each other, it was decided that we would make a pact. In fifty years, Lord willing, we would come back to Montevallo and be the GOLDEN GIRLS. Well, here we are fifty years later with lots of grandkids and lots of great memories from our four wonderful years at Montevallo. Yes, we oldsters were so smart that it only took four years, and yes, we worked during the three-month-long summers to make money for college.

Catching up was so much fun that we decided to do lunch as soon as the weather warmed up a little, and we did!


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