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Graduate Programs

Alternative Masters Degrees

Sometimes we don’t figure out our life path the first time around in college.  The alternative masters degrees allow returning students to earn an advanced degree while also fulfilling the requirements for initial certification to teach.

Traditional Masters Degrees

For returning students who have already received their initial certification, the traditional masters degrees are a perfect way to deepen one’s knowledge and learn the advanced skills that define a “master teacher.”

Counseling Masters Degrees

From time to time, students and adults alike encounter life obstacles that simply can’t be overcome alone. Counselors can provide opportunities for students and clients to gain self-awareness, analyze problem situations, gain new perspectives, and explore behavioral choices. And for those who are looking to extend their studies, UM’s master’s degree in Counseling can position you for a successful career in three degree areas:

Clinical Mental Health counseling

School counseling

Couple, Marriage, and Family counseling

All degree tracks are certified by the prestigious Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs. Additionally, successful completion of the master’s degree qualifies graduates to take the exam that leads to licensure as a Professional Counselor in Alabama.

Instructional Leadership
Online Delivery

Practicing school administrators can also return to UM in order to further their studies with an Educational Specialist degree that leads to Class AA certification. Students in this program will take four online classes along with classroom teachers who are pursuing the Teacher Leadership degree.  This unique feature further strengthens the understanding and cooperation between the school administrators who are charged with leading school improvement and the teacher leaders who work each day in the “trenches” for school improvement.

Instructional Technology

Online Delivery

The Education Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology is one of UM’s 100 percent online programs, and it serves the needs of educators in many different types of work environments. The goal of this program is to tap into the leadership potential of its candidates while focusing on the instructional technology needs of schools/school districts and other educational environments. Instructional technology personnel in schools and businesses take on a leadership role that is focused on increasing learning engagement through the integration of various technology-based systems. Whether you’d like to learn more about technology leadership from a school or district-wide perspective or more about instructional strategy and how it relates to technology, UM can help you expand your current areas of strength, while deepening your knowledge of technology leadership to help further instructional initiatives in your particular place of work.

Teacher Leadership

Online Delivery

The Education Specialist Degree in Teacher Leadership is one of UM’s 100 percent online programs, and it serves as an innovative career path for any teachers looking to advance in their chosen profession without becoming too far removed from classroom teaching. By working alongside principals, assistant principals, and other administrators, teacher leaders take on school leadership roles that are focused on increasing student achievement and improving schools and school districts. If you’re a Class A certified and experienced educator and you’d like to take your vocation to the next level, UM can help you strengthen your leadership skills and expand your knowledge of mentoring practices that lead to meaningful change in schools.