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College of Fine Arts

We believe that a great liberal arts education is the best possible preparation for a lifetime. The communication and fine arts help each of us to make sense of our lives, of our friends, and of our community.

We believe that the actual experience of performing and producing art is the best training for a professional career. We offer four-year, professional training programs in art, communication, music and theatre, too, that create a conservatory-like experience at a fraction of the cost. 

We believe that art making is about people, so we teach our classes in small groups because art making skills are best passed on from one human being to another in as intimate a setting as possible. Our programs turn passions into pathways for creative practice and careers!You will become an artist with a robust perspective on the life ahead of you.

We are:

  • Proud to be an inclusive and diverse community;
  • Affordable, thanks to generous scholarships and financial aid;
  • Performance and production intensive, with guest artists, collaboration, community based learning and internships;
  • Prepared to guide you through individualized success coaching; and
  • Experts at building the skills employers value most.

Check out our 2015-2016 View Books and department links for more details on the great experience that awaits you.