February 19, 2014

University of Montevallo students win game design awards

Once again, University of Montevallo students in UM’s Game Studies and Design program have distinguished themselves in the arena of game design, as three of their number have been recognized for creating games chosen as “Best Entries” in the Game Design Challenge labeled “Touché!” by GameCareerGuide.com, a nationally recognized website for game design.

The challenge was to design a game that uses an everyday household object for input that would detect touch, movement and position.

Amy George of Hoover, who submitted a winning entry in a similar challenge last fall, created Atacama, a survival game in which the player tracks characters through a desert while battling reptilian humanoids. The controller used to play the game is an ordinary water gun.

Elizabeth Littrell of Maylene designed Iron City Salon, a makeover game that uses a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer and scissors as input devices. The objective is for the player to successfully manage the salon and achieve customer satisfaction by styling customers’ hair and makeup.

Stephanie Browdy of Birmingham created Act Natural, a dating simulation game employing the use of body language with an average dining room chair as an input device. The player will try to impress six dates who will respond to the player’s body language.