April 27, 2012

Univ. of Montevallo Organic Community Garden

MONTEVALLO—The University of Montevallo Organic Community Garden has plots available to students and other community members who wish to grow fresh vegetables this summer and fall. Plots are 6’ x 12’ with walking space all around. They can be rented for $10 each to UM students and $20 each to other members of the community. Students also have the option to pay $5 and work five volunteer hours for the balance. Organic fertilizer has already been added to the soil, and garden tools are available for use on site.

For gardeners with a surplus of produce, Shelby Emergency Assistance (SEA) gladly accepts donations of fresh food from this or any home garden.

For additional information or to rent a plot, contact Jill Wicknick at wicknickja@montevallo.edu.