October 31, 2012

Suspect identified in cat deaths

MONTEVALLO— A comprehensive investigation conducted by the University of Montevallo’s police department has led to the identification of a person believed to be responsible for the unnatural deaths of cats that have been found on UM’s campus in recent weeks. The person in question was not a campus resident and has been prohibited from entering the campus. University Police Chief Chadd Adams also confirmed that, although there is no evidence that members of the campus community were ever in danger, increased evening police patrols will be maintained in coming days.

In announcing the results of the investigation, Chief Adams lauded his officers and members of the UM family, stating “We are very relieved that this situation has come to a close. I am proud of the work of our officers and of the vigilance of our community throughout this investigation.”

The matter has been referred to the Shelby County District Attorney’s office for further review.