March 28, 2016

Student Spotlight: Taylor Hubbard

Taylor Hubbard

Class of 2016

Hometown: Atmore, AL

Describe UM in three words: Unconventional. Historic. Treasure.

Taylor Hubbard’s college transcript will stand out from that of the typical college student for quite a few reasons. Not only has she been honored as Senior Elite for holding the highest GPA in the her program, but she also designed her own major combining history, religion and philosophy.

Because of her high merit, Taylor experienced the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the University of Oxford during the summer of 2015 to study Medieval English Literature at the Magdalen College.

“Being accepted at Oxford was incredible, and being able to travel and experience different cultures and places is the most wonderful feeling in the world,” said Taylor.

Between an excursion to Wales, climbing spires in medieval castles and taking small group classes with other students at the 13th century campus, the UM senior considers the summer an experience of a lifetime and a defining moment in her life.

“Every now and then we get students that come to the University of Montevallo with raw potential and just transform, and Taylor is one of those students,” said Dr. Mary Beth Armstrong, dean of the UM College of Arts and Sciences, who describes Hubbard as pleasant and positive, with great initiative.

Transferring to UM after graduating from her local community college, Taylor is now in several honor societies, and has plans to enroll in a 5-year graduate program for a Ph.D. in Colonial History. Taylor wishes for her story to be an encouraging message for transfer students.

“My decision to come to Montevallo was based on the IDS (Interdisciplinary Studies) program, the atmosphere of campus and the professors that really care about their students,” Taylor said. “However, since coming to Montevallo I’ve learned that your past doesn’t matter anymore, it only matters how you’re succeeding by moving forward.”