November 6, 2019

Student spotlight: Marcos Lopez

UM senior Marcos Lopez is wrapping up a double major in biology and communication studies, and he feels the same sense of belonging and purpose in both departments.

Marcos Lopez portrait

Marcos Lopez

“With biology I like how it’s structured, because there’s a purpose for every class. Overall it’s a great department because you know everyone in there,” Lopez said. “In comms, I know all the professors, and I feel like they all know me by name. It’s such a welcoming environment in both departments.”

Lopez, who is also pursuing a minor in French, is planning to use the skills he has honed during his time at Montevallo to make a difference in a health- or environmental-related field in the future.

“I want to combine both of them, so I’m looking toward specific master’s programs such as health communication or environmental communication so I’ll have a good opportunity to use both skills,” said Lopez, who will earn his bachelor’s degrees in December 2020.

Despite his heavy academic workload, Lopez has also been involved in multiple other areas of UM life. He is working to help establish a Hispanic Minority Society on campus, and he completed research through the TRIO McNair Scholars Program last summer.

Lopez said he loves being at Montevallo today as much as he did the first time he stepped on campus years ago.

“I like the small class size. I came here my senior year of high school and took a tour around campus,” he said. “Everything is so accessible, which is what I love about it. I have loved the small class size and getting to know my professors.”