May 22, 2019

Outdoor Scholars Program receives funds to expand student opportunities

At the University of Montevallo President’s Outdoor Scholars end-of-year banquet on May 3, the Alabama Power Foundation and the Alabama Farmers Federation each donated $10,000 to the program. The money will be used to fund scholarships, environmental projects and experiential learning opportunities which are a core component of the President’s Outdoor Scholars Program.

The Alabama Power Foundation contributes $10,000 toward expanding the Outdoor Scholars Program.

The Alabama Power Foundation’s donation will fund environmental projects, scholarships and hands-on learning experiences for students.

“The Alabama Power Foundation is proud to continue supporting the President’s Outdoors Scholars Program and their mission to educate the next generation through conservation and stewardship efforts,” said Susan Comensky, Alabama Power’s vice president for environmental affairs.

Alabama Farmers Federation’s donation will be utilized for the funding of scholarship efforts within the program. ALFA’s donation will fund four $2,500 scholarships for students involved in Outdoor Scholars.

“Alabama Farmers Federation has a long history of providing scholarships to students pursuing careers in agriculture and forestry,” said Paul Pinyan, the executive director of the Alabama Farmers Federation. “Farmers and rural landowners provide the majority of wildlife habitat so our members and leadership support initiatives that help students develop an appreciation for the land and the farmers entrusted with its care.”

Alabama Farmers Federation donates $10,000 to the Outdoor Scholars Program for scholarships.

According to William Crawford, director of the President’s Outdoor Scholars Program, these gifts are vital for the program to expand and continue to provide opportunities for students.

“We want to continue to provide the biggest and best opportunities for our students and without these gifts that will not be possible,” Crawford said.

The President’s Outdoor Scholars Program was created by UM President John W. Stewart III in 2015 and offers a unique destination for students who have a passion for stewardship and wildlife conservation. The program puts an emphasis on experiential learning for students allowing participants to get hands-on experience in outdoor careers.

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