UM Pre-Health Professionals Society

The purpose of the UM Pre-Health Professionals Society is as follows:

  • To provide the students of the University of Montevallo with the opportunity to enhance their pre-health professional undergraduate careers;
  • To organize educational trips, health professions-related lectures, and volunteer opportunities to further develop an understanding of the health professions;
  • To organize fundraising events and encourage the organization’s involvement in the University and community to promote unity and facilitate the needs of the organization;
  • To assist in the professional school application process and help develop “road maps” to help students better understand the pathways to gaining entry into professional programs and achieving successful careers in various health professions;
  • To serve as a support and networking system while helping to develop test-taking skills and promote healthy study habits; and
  • To encourage graduating members to return and share their experiences during and after their professional education to provide insight into the reality of becoming a health professional and potential opportunities for shadowing and networking to members.

UM Pre-Health Professionals