Student Government Association

Since 1916, the University president and faculty have encouraged students to govern themselves in important areas of campus life. Every student is a voting member of the SGA, and meetings of the SGA Senate are open to students. Each year the SGA updates The Fledgling, a student handbook containing pertinent information regarding student life on campus (found on the University’s website). Elections for SGA Senators and executive officers are held in spring each year. There are Senator positions for the following: adult returning students, College of Arts and Sciences, Athletics, College of Business, commuter students, College of Education, College of Fine Arts, graduate students, housing, international students, juniors, minority students, seniors, and sophomores. The elected executive officers are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Senior Class President.

The Executive Cabinet is appointed by the SGA president. Those positions are as follows: Student Trustee, Administrative Vice President, Executive Secretary, Senate Clerk, Director of Social Services, Higher Ed Day Coordinator, STARS Coordinator, Director of Public Relations, Director of Diversity and Student Outreach, Freshman Forum Advisor, UPC Coordinator, and President Pro-Tempore.

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