November 15, 2019

Murphy awarded UM’s Adjunct Faculty Award

On Oct. 10, the University of Montevallo celebrated its 123rd Founders’ Day and recognized deserving faculty, staff and alumni.

During the celebration, Amy Murphy was awarded the Adjunct Teaching Award in recognition for her innovative teaching methods and her dedication to improving students’ experiences at the University.

Murphy, a voice lesson instructor for musical theatre majors, is in her 11th year of teaching at the University and teaches roughly 20 percent of the program’s total enrollment. She also has extensive experience teaching audition workshops and other classes valuable for musical theatre students.

“Murphy is a highly knowledgeable and passionate instructor who cares deeply about her students. Her students consistently comment on how much her instruction has improved their work as actor-singers,” said Dr. David Callaghan, chair of UM’s Theatre Department.

For years, Murphy has set herself apart as an award-winning vocal performance instructor in the Birmingham area. She has also patented a pedagogical technique for contemporary vocal performance that allows students to maintain vocal health during the performance of rock and jazz compositions.

“It is not often that an adjunct faculty member is so dedicated to student success that they take on responsibilities beyond the call of duty,” said Dr. Steve Peters, dean of the UM College of Fine Arts.

Murphy has gone above and beyond what was asked of her throughout her entire tenure at UM, and has spent her time at the University adding to student’s experiences.

Her experience beyond the University setting remains as impressive as her teaching. Murphy has spent time teaching in New York City, and has coached various actors and vocalists in a number of productions.

Callaghan noted that Murphy was vital in the University’s productions of “Carrie” and “Heathers” during UM’s Spring 2019 Theatre season.

“Since she was hired 11 years ago, Murphy has mentored and coached students and alumni of the department in their professional endeavors,” said Peters. “Their record of success can be traced directly back to her lessons and her enthusiastic belief in the transformative power of teaching.”