October 3, 2023

Featured Falcons: Dr. Milad Jasemi

What is your name and current title with the University of Montevallo?

I’m Milad Jasemi, an Assistant Professor of Data Analytics at the Michael E. Stephens College of Business.

Milad JasemiWhere are you from and what city do you currently reside in?

I’m originally from Iran and currently living in Alabaster. However, before coming to Alabama, I resided in Plattsburgh, New York.

If you hold any degrees, what are they in and from what schools?

My Ph.D. is in Industrial Engineering, which I obtained from Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran, in 2010. I was also a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department of Wayne State University in Michigan during 2016-18.

How long have you worked here? 

It is my fifth year here.

Did you hold any previous positions here? If so, what are they?

No, I started in the same position I currently hold.

What brought you to Montevallo?

I consider myself very lucky to have ended up in such a heavenly place on earth. When I first came to campus on March 8, 2019, for the interview, I was really impressed. Everything here, from the faculty and staff to the beautiful campus and many other aspects, mesmerized me, and I enthusiastically decided to accept the offer.

What’s the best thing about working for Montevallo?

The University of Montevallo has built a strong reputation in the community due to its significant contributions. Being a part of such an institution is truly rewarding. Here, everyone is highly competent and genuinely cares about the students and the quality of their services. We function like a family, always ready to provide limitless support to our students and colleagues.

Do you have any interesting stories about one of your favorite experiences here?

In May 2022, I was able to attend the commencement ceremony for the first time. I had missed the first two due to coronavirus limitations. It was an incredible experience. Seeing all those happy and accomplished students alongside their proud families rejuvenated my heart and soul. It’s worth mentioning that the university organized the ceremony in a prestigious and special manner, which added to the overall greatness of the occasion.

What’s your proudest accomplishment since being at UM?

I feel very proud when a student contacts me and shares their success in securing a good position after graduation. It genuinely fills my heart with joy and pride that the student wants to include me in their happiness.

As another noteworthy accomplishment, in the summer of 2022, I was speaking with a junior’s internship supervisor who was quite satisfied with his performance. They had already offered him a full-time position, which he couldn’t accept due to the demands of his studies at UM. It was definitely a moment of great pride for me.

Why do you belong at Montevallo?

Because the University of Montevallo has generously provided me with everything I could ask for. When I’m on campus, I feel safe, attended to, and valued, and above all, I can contribute to the system.

Anything else you want to say?

I want to thank everyone who has played a role in the greatness of our lovely university, which allows people like me to enjoy it now.