March 15, 2019

Faculty Friday: Amiee Mellon

Mellon says it’s finding your fit in the mix

Dr. Amiee Mellon began her teaching career at the University of Montevallo in 2014. Dr. Mellon teaches a variety of marketing topics within the Stephens College of Business. Prior to teaching, Mellon spent several years working in advertising agencies and eventually freelancing while earning her Ph.D.

In the classroom, Mellon seeks to create a new generation of ethical and innovative marketers that do what marketers are meant to do—solve real problems for businesses using creative and strategic techniques. “I accomplish both of these through experiential education,” Mellon said.

She recently developed an online customized book with co-author, Leslie Baxter, to enhance a student’s learning by allowing the student to tailor the storyline and choose different adventures. The book is called the “Bespoken Book” and can be found at

Outside of the classroom, Mellon serves on the Montevallo Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and as vice president and fundraising chair for Shelby Emergency Assistance.

As a first-generation college student, Mellon worked several jobs to cover costs while attending school, so she relates strongly to her students’ experiences. She is also from a small, rural town which drew her to Montevallo. She fell in love with both the city and the University because they are so comforting and welcoming.

While the atmosphere of UM and the city attracted her first, Mellon reveals it’s the campus culture that keeps her here.

“I’m a little quirky. I particularly love drinking coffee from my TMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] mug and coming up with terrible, also known as ‘awesome’ puns,” said Mellon. “At the University of Montevallo, I have been able to make friends from all different areas—history, science, environmental studies, social work—and it’s wonderful. At UM, it’s about finding your fit in the mix.”