UM students inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta

Over 80 students were initiated into the University of Montevallo’s chapter of national honors organization Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD). 

ALD is a national honor society with a mission to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year attending institutions of higher education.  

“Being inducted into ALD is just the first accomplishment for this group of students,” said Randi Tubbs, Montevallo’s ALD chapter adviser. “They will go on to join other honor societies and clubs and will carve out a place at UM, while making a difference on campus and in their communities.” 

Eligibility for membership in ALD is based on students having a grade point average of 3.5 or better during their first semester of college while enrolled full-time. 

According to the honor society’s website, ALD additionally “seeks to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.” 

The following students were newly initiated into ALD this year: 

Mandi Aiken 

Abigail Atcheson 

Bethany Aucoin 

Solomon Balaam-Reed 

Asha Balaam-Reed 

Samantha Boles 

Alexander Boyd 

Maggie Braswell 

Kameron Bruner 

Jonah Carden 

Kristen Chance 

Claudia Chavez Martinez 

Alexander Cochran 

Nahia Constant 

Lily Cooper 

James Cooper 

Alexis Cortez 

Brianna Day 

Hannah Dempsey 

Eric Dolland 

Dakota Dubose 

Olivia Eubanks 

SarahAnn Funderburk 

Josephine Graf 

Sophia Hackney 

Marley Hall 

Makayla Hall 

Johnathan Herron 

Meghan Hilley 

Brianna Hinsch 

Maizy Hogan 

Shauna Ingram 

Candace Jarvis 

Michelle Johnson 

Bhargavi Kalaga 

Andie Lamberth 

India LaPalme 

Maleha Larry 

Elizabeth Lassy 

Morgan Leonard 

Chardonnay Loadholt 

Bobby Lowery 

Jodi Martin 

Alexis Martinez 

Peri Mccoy 

Ambriehl McCoy 

Aleziia Medina 

Ashley Miller 

Katherine Mosley 

Sarah Murdaugh 

Hope Oliver 

Sarah Oliver 

Katherine Owens 

Ashlynn Partridge 

Morgan Payne 

Emily Price 

Sophie Reynolds 

Erin Robbins 

Madison Robinson 

LaQuandra Samuel 

Jillian Sharpe 

Cindy Shelton 

Rachael Smith 

Nicholas Smith 

Rebekah Smith 

Akerah Smoot 

Nicole Sparks 

Sarah Stevens 

Broderick Sullivan 

Preston Thompson 

Tracy Trice 

Courtney Turner 

Hannah Waki 

Megan Walker 

Garnet Warren 

Cameron Wasner 

Adrian Weiss 

Meagon Williams 

Makenzie Wilson 

Bailey Wright 

Olivia Wyatt 

Madeline Young