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Student Services

Office of Student Success

Success is more than doing well in classes – let us help you figure out what success at Montevallo means for you.

What makes a student successful at the University of Montevallo? Is it a high GPA? A sense of connection between personal and career goals and academic program? Or maybe involvement in numerous campus organizations? In the Office of Student Success our goal is to help students define success and the process of getting there while also exploring how our student body, as a whole, persists and graduates from the University of Montevallo.

To accomplish this, the Office for Student Success offers the following services to the campus community:


Pathways to Success: Our office endeavors to assist students as they make sense of their time at UM; whatever that may entail. Let our staff help you identify and connect with the resources, activities, and other opportunities that are crucial to your academic, personal, and professional growth through one-on-one conversations that focus on your needs and goals.

Faculty and staff can refer a student by emailing Heather Ammons at

Withdrawal: Sometimes it may be necessary to separate from the University of Montevallo for a short time. Our office will walk you through the withdrawal process, work to find resources that may assist you in remaining at UM, and serve as a guide as you prepare for your return to UM. For more information, please click the link below.
Withdrawal Policy & Form


Great Start, a program for conditionally admitted students, is an intrusive support program that assists students as they tap into their full potential at UM.  In conjunction with Admissions, the Office of Student Success works with Great Start students through their first year at UM.

Great Start students:
·        Attend workshops on time management, study skills, faculty interactions
·        Participate in a Career Development Center mixer or appointment
·        Meet with the Director of Student Success to create a pathway to success
·        As well as social activities, study groups, and individual interventions

Great Start is a year-long program.

Great Start Peer Mentors serve as a familiar face on campus to support incoming Great Start students throughout their first year at UM. Great Start peer mentors will offer advice, respond to questions, connect students to resources, and encourage campus involvement.

Qualifications, expectations, and further details can be found in the application below. Applications are due to the Office of Student Success by February 21, 2018. A UM faculty or staff recommendation letter is required for each applicant.

Peer Mentor Application

Student Tracking/Data Analysis

How do we know our students are successful? Identify students that may need a bit more support? Beyond working with students, individually and as a group, the Office of Student Success is also charged with tracking students to uncover what leads to, and inhibits, progression at and graduation from the University of Montevallo.