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Applying for Services

Student Responsibilities

Students requesting reasonable and appropriate accommodations have several responsibilities in the process:

  1. Disclose the disability to the Disability Support Services office. Faculty and staff may assist in the referral to DSS, but the student is responsible for making this contact.
  2. Provide current appropriate documentation of the disability and the need for  specific accommodations. Student should refer to the published guidelines regarding this documentation.
  3. Request specific accommodations and engage in an interactive process with the DSS staff and Faculty to finalize and implement those accommodations.

The student may provide documentation upon acceptance to the university or whenever the need for accommodation arises. However, timely notice must be provided to DSS and faculty for implementation of the needed accommodation. The University has the right to request additional or updated documentation if the student’s disability condition changes or if an accommodation is requested that is not supported by the existing information.

Disability Resource Guide (Word version)
Disability Resource Guide (PDF version)
Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Student Guide (Word version)Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Student Resource Guide (PDF version)
DSS Application for Services (Word)
Documentation Guidelines
Request for Accommodation Letters Form
Alternative Format Materials Procedure
Priority Registration Procedure
Testing Accommodations
Notetaking Support Information
Accessible (Handicapped) Parking Information
Voter Registration Information
Student Disability Grievance Procedure

Note: Accommodations are not retroactive, nor should they alter essential elements of the course or curriculum.  Students should contact DSS immediately if they experience difficulty in the accommodation process.