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Faculty/Staff Responsibilities

  • Faculty/staff should establish a cooperative atmosphere when dealing with students with disabilities. They should interact with students with disabilities in the same manner as other students, but be clear that they are willing to provide necessary accommodations.
  • The student requesting accommodations is expected to deliver the accommodation letters to the faculty member each semester. The student is provided two copies of the letter- one for the faculty member to sign and return to DSS indicating their consent to provide recommended accommodations, and one for the faculty member to keep for their own records. (Please follow guidelines for disposal of academic records when no longer needed.)
  • The student and faculty member should arrange a time to meet outside of class to discuss implementation methods of providing the requested accommodation.
  • Faculty are not obligated to provide accommodations until the accommodation letter is received although obvious needs should be met (i.e. wheelchair accessibility). Faculty should not refuse an accommodation letter without first contacting DSS. University staff also have an obligation to reasonably accommodate students with disabilities and should contact DSS for any guidance or support.
  • Accommodations are not provided retroactively.
  • Students may turn in accommodation requests at any time throughout the semester, although DSS recommends this be done as early as possible. Faculty may not impose an artificial deadline, but should be given sufficient notice to implement the requested accommodation.
  • Faculty/staff should refer students (who are not registered with DSS) who disclose a disability or request accommodation to DSS. Faculty are encouraged to actively assist students to make contact with DSS and to consider documenting such referrals. Faculty and staff should not request or keep medical or disability records in academic or other files.

The following links will cover some of the more commonly requested accommodations and services.

It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, nor is it designed to include every detail regarding a DSS process or procedure.

For information on more specific services or accommodations please contact the DSS Office.

Faculty Handbook for Working with Students with Disabilities
Testing Accommodations
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