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Testing Accommodations

Test Proctoring in the DSS Office

If a student qualifies for extended time, distraction-reduced testing environment, or assitive technology, and faculty cannot provide the accommodation themselves, DSS is available to proctor tests, quizzes, in-class writing, or exams. The student and faculty will need to complete/sign the DSS Test Proctor Form and return it to DSS.   This form is available in the office or may be printed from the DSS website. The student is responsible for reserving a testing room, preferably the same time as the class, to take the exam. DSS requires notice from the student of two business days during the semester and two weeks for final exams. Staff will attempt to coordinate late testing requests but availability cannot be guaranteed without sufficient notice.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Schedule test with DSS (phone, email, or in person) giving two business days’ notice for usual tests and quizzes and at least two weeks’ notice for final exams.
  2. Obtain faculty’s signature on the DSS Test Proctor Form (for each test).
  3. Bring the completed proctor form to DSS before or at the time of test.

Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Sign the Test Proctor Form when provided to him/her by the student.
  2. Send/Bring the test to DSS in person, via office staff or student worker, or email. No hand mail please.
  3. Include any charts, formulas, extra credit, maps, etc, that students will use in the classroom and indicate permission to use those or other resources ( such as books, notes or calculators) on the proctor form.

DSS Responsibilities

  1. Proctor/Read/Scribe the test as appropriate.
  2. Return the test to the faculty member (Obtain receipt signature).

Students taking exams in the DSS office are expected to adhere to the University’s academic honesty policy and comply with DSS test proctoring rules. No purses, phones, backpacks, etc may be taken into testing rooms.  All testing rooms have video and audio recording/surveillance and recordings may be used if students are charged with non-compliance. Students caught using any unauthorized resources will be reported to the faculty and the incident will be filed with Student Conduct Officer for violation of DSS policies.