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Alternate Format Materials

  • Students who qualify for this service may request that print materials be converted to a format such as e-text, Braille, or audio.
  • The University may obtain texts from Learning AllyBookshare, or other resources including publishers.  If the text is unavailable through these sources then the alternate format may be produced in-house.
  • If a book must be produced in-house, the student is responsible for providing DSS with a copy of the book.  Proof of purchase (a receipt) is required to provide alternate formats that have been produced in-house or obtained from a publisher.
  • All requests will be processed as quickly as possible regardless of when they are received. However, due to the large number of requests, DSS does request a 3 week notice in order to provide alternate formats in a timely manner.  Requests for Braille are requested 4-6 weeks in advance.
  • Students should take advantage of priority registration and then notify DSS with textbook needs.
  • Students should check with the university bookstore before submitting this information to see if any of the textbooks are available in “e-text”  via the campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore website. If so, the e-text can be purchased directly from the bookstore and downloaded to the student’s computer.
  • Students will be notified via email when the materials are available. Students must come by DSS and sign the Agreement on Use of Recorded, Electronic, or Other Alternatively Formatted Course Materials before receiving the materials.