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Resources for Current Students

April 6 Upward Bound Session

Note: We have made changes to this page since we first published it. You may safely ignore any text with a strikethrough line, that is the out-of-date information. The updated information immediately follows the struckthrough text.

We are practicing social distancing and we are not meeting face-to-face for the rest of the Academic year, but we are still working hard to serve you. For the April 6th session we have several classes and activities for you to complete. You will have until Friday, April 10 Friday, April 17 to complete these activities in order to earn your stipend for this session.

You may email your assignments to Mr. Barnes ( and he will get them to where they need to go.

We know there might be some glitches in the system. If you run into problems you can let Mr. Barnes know. Email him at or text him at 205.541.7896. Be sure to tell him who you are.


Technology Survey – If you have not completed the Upward Bound Technology Survey, please do so now at

Beginning with the April 21 academic session, we will be using Canvas, the software that the University of Montevallo uses for online learning, to provide distance learning for Upward Bound. This week, we need to get everyone online, so:

  1. If you know how to login to your UM email, send a message to Mr. Barnes at confirming that you are already on the system.
  2. If you do not know your UM username or email address, find your schedule from the March 10 session. It will have your email address on it. If you do not have your schedule from the 10th, for most of you, any schedule you can find will have it. Finally, if you can’t find any of your old schedules, you can email Mr. Barnes at and ask for it. Be sure and give your name as it appears on your schedule, and not a nickname or a name you “go by.”
  3. If you have changed your password in the last 12 months, your password has not changed. This includes everyone who was here in the Summer of 2019. You should have a note or a photo somewhere with your password on it. If you don’t remember your password, you will have to contact the UM Solution Center at and get them to help you change it.
  4. If you have not changed your password ever, there is a default password that Mr. Barnes can give you.
  5. We have had IS&T reset most of the student’s passwords to new default passwords. if you knew your password before and now it doesn’t work, email Mr. Barnes and he will send you your new password. Everyone whose passwords we changed will receive their new password and instructions on what they need to do with them in the mail by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Once we get your username, email, and password sorted, you will need some apps

  1. If you are using a phone or a tablet device and you haven’t already done so, go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and download the following applications:
    1. Microsoft Office – This will give you mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, integrated with Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage that comes as a part of your UM account.
    2. Canvas Student – This is the mobile version of the site we will be using for distance learning.
    3. Microsoft Teams – The is a chat-based communication tool that we will be using as a primary means to communicate
    4. Zoom Cloud Meetings – For online meetings.
  2. You will need to bookmark the following sites in your browser:
    1. – This is the main Microsoft Office login site.
    2. – This is Canvas
    3. – That is the TRIO Upward Bound web page.


If you need tutoring, you can go to the TRIO UMUB Tutors YouTube site at


Algebra II – Ms. Thomas has a video for you to watch and a set of worksheets as well. Go to Handouts and Flyers and click on the Week of April 6 folder and then the Algebra II folder.


There is an English Worksheet in the Week of April 6 folder in Handouts and Flyers


Hispanic Cultures

Spanish I – Save this file into your Google Drive and complete the worksheet.

Spanish II – Save this file into your Google Drive and complete the worksheet