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ACT Updates from Mrs. Buff


ACT RescheduledFor now, because of COVID-19 concerns, we are recommending that students not register for the ACT in June.  We are still working on plans/watching the news to see when we will be back in session and/or when will be able to get the in-person instruction. However, we do request that students start preparing now for the ACT with Cambridge Studio Online.  With this additional prep time (where you practice all sections and then work on the parts you need the MOST help), the scores should significantly improve.  Here’s what you can do now:

If you have taken the ACT before

Improving your score can mean $$$$ in the way of academic scholarships, so get busy now.  Work hard now to make sure you are ready!

If this will be the first time to take the ACT

Start now on your journey to a higher score and funding for your college.  Work on ALL sections to make sure you understand the timing.  (For example, Reading may SEEM easy, but the timing can be tricky).  Take time and prepare.

Ideally, you should work on this at least 15 minutes per day, at least 3 days per week, and for 6—8 weeks to get optimal benefit.  For each hour you spend in preparation, you will earn towards your credit for an Academic Session (and a scholarship if you have completed your academic, as well as CE and CS requirements).

Questions about the ACT (and/or Rescheduling)?

Contact Mrs. Mary Jo Buff, TRIO Upward Bound Programs Academic Coordinator or (205) 516-5007

To Reschedule your ACT

Make sure Mrs. Buff has your updated contact information. She will text and/or email you with details as they are finalized with ACT. You will need your user name and password.

To START and work on your ACT Skills:

  • To begin the course(s), go to the Cambridge login screen by clicking on the following URL:
  • Text, call, or email Mrs. Buff using the contact information above to Access YOUR Personal Plan for Cambridge ACT ONLINE STUDIO.
  • Then enter the provided username and

You will be able to work on specific skills and earn credit for your stipend. UMUB TRIO Tutors will be available to help you.

Our HIGH SCORE this past year was a 31 Composite on the ACT, which means thousands of $$$ in Academic Scholarships.

WHAT WILL YOUR SCORE BE? The sky is the limit for Bright Minds with A Brighter Future