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TRIO Student Support Services

Application to TRIO SSS

Application to TRIO-SSS

  • Basic Info

    Select all that apply from the menu.
  • Emergency Contact Info

  • Educational Background

  • Eligibility Information

    Dependent Students live with and are supported by, parent/guardian unless living away to attend school. Independent Students are either 24 yrs. old, married, have children, U.S. Veteran, or in Foster Care, Ward of the Court/Emancipated Minor
    Does/did either parent with whom you lived before your 18th birthday, have a Bachelor's (4-year) degree?
    Do you have a federally recognized disability?
    Disability information must be verified with the Disability Support Services Office.
  • Need For Academic Support

  • Personal Statement

    Although your responses will not be judged on structure, be conscious of content, presentation, and take time to formulate well-written responses, as they will help us determine whether you are a good candidate for the TRIOSSS-ASPIRE Program. You may write directly in the box below or copy and paste a document into the box. Please note that your responses to these questions are a vital part of the selection process.


    -How did you hear about our program?

    -Why is attending college important to you?

    -Applicants must have an academic need for services. What are the major educational challenges or life obstacles that could hinder your success at UM?

    Personal Qualities

    -Have you ever struggled for something and failed?

    -How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

    -How would your friends describe you?

    -What would your current or former instructors say about your commitment and reliability?

    -What three goals do you have for yourself as a UM student and as a TRIO SSS-ASPIRE participant?


    -How will participating in our program impact your ability to succeed at the University of Montevallo and graduate with your Bachelor's degree?

    -There are several eligible applicants applying for one remaining spot in TRIO SSS-ASPIRE. Why would you be the best candidate for this last spot?

    -Tell us anything else that you believe we should take into consideration in evaluating your application to TRIO SSS-ASPIRE.

  • Release of Information

    Please review and place your initials and date as indicated.
  • I give the TRIO SSS-ASPIRE Program permission to obtain, review and discuss my records with those concerned about my academic progress and success such as faculty, financial aid, Dean’s Office, and other appropriate offices. I also agree to allow my name and/or photograph to be used in newsletter, marketing/recruitment materials to recognize my academic success, involvement, leadership or graduation.
  • I agree to check in with the TRIO SSS-ASPIRE staff and to use the support I need to be successful. I am committed to earning a bachelor’s degree at the University of Montevallo and will inform the program immediately if I change my plans.
  • I certify the information given in this application is complete and accurate; and I understand that to make false or fraudulent statements within this application may result in denial of admission to the TRIO SSS-ASPIRE Program.
  • Application Checklist