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Falcon Success Center


Falcon Success Center

The Falcon Success Center aspires to support every University of Montevallo student as they achieve academic and personal success at UM and beyond.

Mission and Goals

With a research and data-driven approach, the Falcon Success Center aims to improve the academic and liberal arts experience of our students and increase the University’s retention, progression, and graduation rates by offering a wide range of initiatives that focus on systems of support as well as identifying and addressing barriers to student success.

      1. Foster an environment of student success that includes faculty, staff, and students–we are all a part of this
      2. Develop and promote programming, individual outreach, initiatives, and other systems of support for students to overcome barriers to success
      3. Provide data on student retention, progression, and graduation to the UM community to inform programming, policy, and curriculum decisions
      4. Support the liberal arts mission of the University of Montevallo by supporting students as they become informed citizens who will make strong additions to the ever-changing workfor


  •        Individual Outreach
        • The Falcon Success Center, using a holistic approach, works one-on-one with students to identify and connect them with the resources, activities, and other opportunities that are crucial to their academic, personal, and professional growth.
        • Campus Programming
          Using data and research-driven approaches and campus partnerships, the Falcon Success Center advocated for at-risk student populations by offering proactive programming related to their specific needs and barrier to success.
        • Financial Assistance and Literacy
          Often a significant barrier to student success, the Falcon Success Center supports students as they explore their options to pay for college, plan for future college-related expenses, and researches ways to make college more affordable for our students.  The Center works to best utilize all available University and student resources to provide the most comprehensive financial plan for a student to obtain their college degree.
        • Academic Support
          Students are not alone at UM.  The Falcon Success Center is here to support students throughout their journey while providing the guidance needed to be successful, confident, and proactive students.  With the help of peer tutoring, students can build their confidence while learning new course material and while becoming the successful student they want to be.  In addition, when students may find themselves struggling but not now why, we can assess their academic needs with them by discussing their study habits and skills, helping them find ways to improve where needed.
        • Advising
          The Falcon Success Center provides support and training for the campus-wide development and continuous improvement of academic advising based on research, data analytics, and consideration for best practices. Additionally, the Center assists students who have not yet declared a major, helping them explore major options that fit their personal, academic, and career goals while navigating their degree plans as they work towards graduation in a timely manner.  Additionally, the FSC serves the ContinuUM program through pre-transfer advising.
        • Tracking/Data Analysis
          The Falcon Success Center uses university data and tracking measures to identify at-risk students as well as pathways and barriers to student success.  These measures are used to inform campus-wide programming, outreach, and policy decisions.


Heather Ammons, Senior Director

Emili Alexander, Assistant Director

Brenda Knight, Director of Scholarships

Randi Tubbs, Director, Learning Enrichment Center

Stephanie Rudolph, Administrative Assistant

Presentations & Conversations

To request a presentation for your class/student group, refer a student for a conversation, or to schedule a conversation please email For presentations, please submit a request at least two weeks prior to the presentation date.

Presentations                                                   One-on-One Conversations

Academic Integrity

30-45 minutes

Cut out the cutting and pasting! During this presentation, students will learn the value of academic integrity and what the ramifications are for academic dishonesty.

Academic Action Plan

30-60 minutes

Are you on academic or freshman warning? Let the FSC assist you in creating an action plan to avoid suspension and return to good academic standing.  Includes monthly check-ins with FSC staff.
Active reading and note-taking skills  30- 60 minutes What does it mean to actively read? And what does good note-taking look like?  This presentation will introduce students to what it means to read with purpose and will help them find the note-taking style that works best for them. Academic Integrity  30-60 minutes During this conversation we will discuss the value of academic integrity, what the ramifications are for academic dishonesty, and ways to avoid it in the future.


30- 60 minutes

General open session for students to ask questions.

Academic Needs Assessment

30-60 minutes

Are you struggling in your classes, but can’t figure out why? In the FSC, we can meet with you to discuss your academic needs.  Perhaps you need a solid time management plan or maybe adding tutoring to your weekly schedule will help.
Faculty Interactions 15- 45 minutes What up prof? Wait…is that right? To ensure students know how to interact with faculty, we will discuss how best to contact professors, what office hours are and the best way to utilize them, and more.

Conflict Management

30-60 minutes

Having conversations about conflict can be difficult.  This meeting will delve deeper into conflict resolution styles and explore which style maybe the most beneficial to use as you look to resolve your conflict.

FSC/LEC services

10-15 minutes

A member of the FSC staff will share with your students/group the services offered in the Center – LEC, Study Away, scholarship assistance, and more.

Finding Your Fit

30-60 minutes

Not sure how to make the most out of your college experience or just not sure where you fit in the UM community?  This conversation will focus on you – your goals, passions, concerns – while helping you identify the opportunities at UM that best fit your needs.

Goal Setting

30-60 minutes

This session will explore different avenues that students can take to help them set and achieve their goals.  Avenues including setting S.M.A.R.T goals, examining time on task, and keeping goals in sight.

Goal Setting

30-60 minutes

We will explore different avenues you can take to set and achieve your academic and personal goals.

How to embrace challenges and learn from failures

45-60 minutes

What happens when it doesn’t all go to plan?  This presentation explores mindset, locus of control, and transformational learning theory as a means to embrace challenges and learn from failures.

Paying for College

30-60 minutes

During this one-on-one, the FSC will assist you in becoming proactive in paying for your education by discussing UM’s scholarship application process, options for outside scholarships, campus job opportunities, and financial planning for future semesters.

Learning Styles

45-60 minutes

This workshop will provide students with the chance to understand their individual learning style while providing strategies to strengthen all styles of learning.

Returning from suspension action plan

30-60 minutes

Returning from suspension? The FSC can assist you in creating an action plan designed to meet your academic and personal goals.  This conversation will focus on goal setting and improving GPA, identification of academic success resources, and in-depth information on policies regarding suspension.  Includes bi-weekly check-ins with FSC staff.

Managing Conflict

30-45 minutes

Conflict is inevitable, but how we approach it can make all the difference.  This presentation will cover the different types of conflict and conflict resolution styles to assist students in navigating those difficult conversations.

Time Management

30-60 minutes

There’s so little time in the day….Let’s discuss the best ways to manage your time, ensuring you have enough to complete all of your assignments while still meeting your other obligations.

Paying for College

10-15 minutes

This presentation will assist students in becoming proactive in paying for their education by informing them of UM’s scholarship application process and how to search for outside scholarships.

Study Away

30-60 minutes

Interested in earning college credit while you study elsewhere?  Our staff would be happy to assist you in exploring your options for study abroad or national student exchange, creating a timeline, and determining financial considerations.

Preparing for advising

30-45 minutes

How do I find my advisor? How do I use Degree Evaluation? These questions and more will be answered during this presentation which will assist students in understanding the academic advising process.

Study habits and skills

30-60 minutes

You are told to study course material….to study for upcoming tests…to make sure you study enough hours each week.  During this meeting, we will discuss what your current study habits are and ways to strengthen them, helping you develop a solid plan to study for all of your courses.

Study Away

10-30 minutes

This brief conversation will expose students to opportunities to earn credit towards a degree while they study elsewhere.  We will discuss options for study abroad and National Student Exchange, timeliness, financial considerations, and scholarship options.

Study habits/skills and test-taking strategies

30-60 minutes

Students mistakenly think they should only study before each exam, but this presentation will clarify what studying consists of and the different forms studying can take on, helping them understand how to achieve a deeper level of learning.

Successful first semester

45-60 minutes

Students will learn the importance of seeking assistance, utilizing campus technology, and becoming involved on campus, as well as the value of self-care – all to help them achieve a successful first semester.

Tailored to class needs

5 -60 minutes

If one of the options listed here does not fit your needs or you would like to combine topics, please let us know.  We’d be happy to tailor the presentation to the needs of your students/group!
Time Management 45-60 minutes So much to accomplish and so little time?  This presentation will help students learn to prioritize, focus their energy on the task at had, and organize their weekly calendars to ensure they are preparing for the work they have ahead of them each semester.

Understanding UM academic policies

30-45 minutes

This session will assist students in locating academic policies and provide a clearer definition of each, including academic warning/suspension, transferring credits, understanding GPA,and more.