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Academic Support

Academic Success Center

Supporting students in reaching their goals

The Academic Success Center (ASC) supports students in creating a foundation of academic and personal growth, encouraging them to take responsibility for their successful journeys to reach their goals. The ASC works across campus to implement student success initiatives based on sound research including academic advising, undeclared students, gateway courses, general education and High Impact Practices.

The following are areas in which the ASC works to increase student success:

  • Academic Advising
  • Early Intervention and Support
  • First-Year Experience
  • General Studies (undeclared) students
  • Research on student success


Learning Enrichment Center

The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) assists students in identifying their academic needs and provides them with support that will strengthen their academic skills, helping them become more confident students. The LEC staff also offers guidance for students as they begin to navigate their way through their college experience, leading them to the most helpful resources on campus.

Services provided through the LEC include the following:

  • Individual Tutoring
  • Drop-In Tutoring
  • Small Group Tutoring
  • Assessment of Academic Needs

Ms. Randi Tubbs, Director
Carmichael Library, Lower Level
(205) 665-6113

Learning Enrichment Center

TRIO McNair Scholars

The McNair Scholars Program is the federally funded TRIO program that prepares participants for doctoral studies, involving them in research and other scholarly activities.

The program’s goal is to increase diversity among doctoral degree holders by encouraging and preparing students from underrepresented groups to successfully complete their postgraduate studies.

McNair Scholars have their needs assessed upon entering the program and an Individual Education Plan developed to assure progress toward academic and personal objectives.

McNair Scholars will participate in the program during their junior and senior years. They will submit research proposals for presentation at the University of Montevallo Undergraduate Research Day and at least one other conference. They will also submit the results of their research for publication.

McNair Scholars have a strong reputation for academic excellence. Because of this reputation, many doctoral-granting institutions offer them special incentives such as admission fee waivers or special internships, scholarships and other financial assistance.

Ms. Tonya Giddens, Acting Director & Program Coordinator
Sharp House, 1st floor
(205) 665-6570

TRIO McNair Scholars

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services is a program sponsored by the University of Montevallo and funded by the U.S. Department of Education. TRIO SSS offers a variety of academic and personal support services that enhance students’ chances for success in college. Students may receive assistance from the TRIO SSS program through tutoring, study-skills classes, academic counseling, career exploration, course advisement and registration, computer lab access, computer-assisted instruction, and cultural and social enrichment activities. To be eligible, applicants must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents and must be currently enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, at the University of Montevallo. Additional criteria for participation in the TRIO SSS program require applicants to:

  • Have a limited family taxable income (as determined by the U.S. Department of Education);
  • Be potentially the first in your family to complete a baccalaureate (4-year) degree; or
  • Have a documented disability.

The TRIO SSS program is funded to serve 200 eligible students. Due to federal guidelines, priority must be given to:

  • Students who are both income eligible and first generation college students;
  • Students who are both disabled and income eligible; and
  • Alumni of other TRIO SSS programs (including but not limited to Upward Bound and Talent Search)

TRIO SSS seeks highly motivated students with educational histories that reflect a need for academic support, and who want to make full use of the TRIO SSS program to help reach their goal of becoming a successful college graduate.

Dr. R. Denise Myers, Director
Main Central, Lower Level
(205) 665-6094

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO SSS Online Application

TRIO Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program that provides academic support, counseling, tutorial services, career mentoring, cultural exposure, and community service opportunities necessary for potential first-generation college students and/or economically disadvantaged youth to complete both high school and college.

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Sharon Gilbert, Director
Sharp House, 2nd floor
(205) 665-6268

TRIO Upward Bound