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Student Organizations

Student Organization List

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow is a student organization created to raise funds and support for the Student Emergency Fund. The Student Emergency Fund helps our fellow classmates stay in and finish school even if they are faced with unforeseen circumstances. STAT is so happy to have you! President: Ashley Richardson Advisor: Carolyn Jones

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Tendo Ministries

Tendo Ministries strives to aid the children of Uganda by providing them with opportunities to be self-sustaining. These include: building a chicken coop to provide eggs for nutrition and financial sustainability, setting up a water well system, and teaching children useful skills, like how to build structures, harvest crops, and make sell-able merchandise. President: Mika […]

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The BOND (Beauty of Natural Decisions)

Purpose: Our purpose is to educate African American and/or African descendants whose beauty has been viewed as a stigma and object of negativity. The BOND is to support and encourage young adults with hair care, healthy life styles, and beauty tips. The BOND is open to all students. Contact: President: Taylor Collier Campus Advisor: […]

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The Harry Potter Club of Montevallo

Purpose: The Harry Potter Club of Montevallo endeavors to promote the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling by discussing the themes of the books, movies, and other Harry Potter related media and literature. Club events will be held to expose potential and current club members to the world of Harry Potter. Contact: President: Mackensie Sandlin […]

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UM Anime Club

We are a special interest club dedicated to the screening and enjoyment of Japanese anime and cinema, but also to manga, otaku culture, and Japanese culture. We meet Wednesdays at 7:30 PM on the bottom floor of Harman room 119. Each meeting we discuss club news and watch 2-3 episodes of two selected anime as […]

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UM Club Volleyball

The purpose of the Montevallo’s club volleyball teams are to promote and offer the sport of volleyball to university students who wish to play competitively. Our organization will hold tournaments where other club volleyball teams will come onto campus to compete. We will also hold fun outdoor volleyball tournaments for students that will help us raise […]

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UM Cosplay Association

The UM Cosplay Association provides students with the chance to learn and/or improve on cosplay skills. For those already into this world you may use this time as a set time each week just for cosplay. President: Rebecca Joiner Advisor: Benton Tyler

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UM Dance Team

The UM Dance Team is selected through an audition process. They perform at UM Basketball games. Advisor: Melissa Stano

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UM Herpetological Society

The University of Montevallo Herpetological Society serves to unite students with a common love and respect for reptiles and amphibians. Members may participate in nature treks, educational programs, and local conservation efforts. President: Kathryn Dix Advisor: Dr. Jill Wicknick

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UM Secular Student Alliance

The Montevallo Secular Student Alliance aims to promote tolerance, free speech, education, and secularism. Through meetings and social events, we will welcome and support both religious and non-religious students. The SSA will enrich and improve the community through social events and local community service. Contact: President: Erin Green Campus Advisor: Collin Williams 665-6402

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University of Montevallo Pantheon

UMPS is a religious organization based upon paganism. We promote education of the religion; preserving the environment. UMPS is a united religions organization dedicated to supporting the students of the University of Montevallo regardless of how they worship/believe. We seek to provide a positive environment where students can learn and grow and be comfortable with […]

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University Program Council

The purpose of the UPC is to arrange concerts, movies, recreation, and special entertainment events for students at Montevallo. Funded by the Student Government Association, the UPC is governed by students and is responsive to their needs for special programs. UPC takes in new members twice a year in the fall and spring. Applications are […]

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URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity

URGE is an organization which advocates for reproductive justice and intends on building a community where sexual health is valued, reproductive rights are upheld, and each body is celebrated and supported to be happy and thriving. Montevallo URGE plans on educating the student body on reproductive justice and how our community can better advocate for […]

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Whovian Society

The purpose of the Whovian Society will be to promote the British television series “Doctor Who” by discussing the themes and elements that the show promotes from both philosophical and academic perspectives. This will be achieved through watching episodes and reading materials associated with “Doctor Who.” We will have group discussions and club events to […]

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Young Americans for Liberty

The Young Americans for Liberty group is a political activism group with strong libertarian ideals. The goal of this group is to educate students on the libertarian party and its platform and how it can help the political system. Another goal of this organization is to provide a place on Montevallo’s campus so that non-liberal […]

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