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National Pan-Hellenic Council

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The National Pan-Hellenic Council is the governing body for the historically African American Greek-letter organizations represented on campus. The council coordinates programs and activities for the member chapters and is comprised of delegates from each of the organizations. The purpose is to maintain high positive standards for its member organizations and to ensure the perpetuation of the responsibility and privilege of engaging in appropriate service to the African American Community at UM as well as in the larger community.

Membership intake is the process of selection, education, and initiating new members into chapters. The process begins with an informational meeting which can be held in the spring or fall. Most of these informational meetings are advertised before the meeting through flyers around campus and by word of mouth from members.

Undergraduate students who wish to affiliate with chapters must meet specific membership qualifications. Specific requirements vary by organization. These minimum standards include: academic achievement (GPA is set by the national organization and/or UM), community service, good character, must be enrolled as a full time student, and must have earned at least 12 semester hours. Some groups may require the completion of more hours, but 12 is the minimum.