The University’s Physical Plant provides residence hall maintenance. All repair requests must be reported to the Housing Office at 665-6235 or log on to report your maintenance requests directly to the Physical Plant.  It is important that you include a complete, specific, accurate description of the necessary repairs. The more specific you are, the faster your repair is likely to be made. Physical Plant and HRL staff will appreciate your patience on repair of non-emergency items. Emergency situations such as no lights or electricity, severe leaks, etc., should be reported immediately to the HRL Office.  After 5 pm, you should contact 665-6155 for assistance. To log on to the work order program from SchoolDude called MaintenanceDirect, please follow the instructions below.  SchoolDude is a web-based program that allows users to request work orders from any web-accessible computer.

As a user, you will have a record of your requested work orders, receive emails concerning the work orders, and receive email notifications when the work orders are completed.

Using MaintenanceDirectInitial Set Up

  1. In order to access this system, requestors must click here
  2. A screen will be displayed that requests an Organization Account Number. Enter 35248877 and click the “Submit Organization” button. (If you have previously visited the MaintenanceDirect website, this screen may not appear.)
  3. On the next screen, enter your University of Montevallo email address and click the “Submit” button.  MaintenanceDirect uses your UM e-mail address to identify you in the system.
  4. If you are a new user, the system will not find your email address.  Please enter in your last name in the box provided and click the “Submit” button.  Then enter your First Name* and Phone Number* and click the “Submit” button.  If you are an existing user, the system will recognize your email.

Existing Users

  1. Choose the Location*, Area (if applicable), and Area/Room Number* of your request (please be very specific in order for the technicians to find your maintenance issue in a timely manner).
  2. Select the Problem Type* that best describes your issue.  Please submit one (1) work order per request.  For example, if you have a leaky faucet and a broke window, you would create two (2) work orders.
  3. Describe your Problem* with as much detail as possible.
  4. Enter the Submittal Password*, which is the same for all users.  The password is falcons.

Exterminator Services

All rooms are sprayed periodically by the Physical Plant for insect control. If you have a medical problem which requires special arrangements, please notify the HRL Office. Remember: Bugs love it when you leave empty pizza boxes, drink cans, dirty clothes, and old garbage in your room!  Please report your pest control needs immediately to the HRL Office.


You are responsible for the care and cleanliness of your own room. You may borrow a vacuum cleaner by leaving your UM ID Card with your RA. We encourage you to clean your room regularly in order to maintain the residence halls.

Custodians are responsible for routine cleaning of the hallways, hall bathrooms, and common areas of the building. They are not responsible for cleaning the areas if they have been unreasonably treated (excessive amounts of trash left in the halls or common areas; toilets which have been intentionally stopped up; vomit in the bathrooms; excessive amount of tracked in mud, etc.). It is the responsibility of the residents to keep those areas reasonably clean by cleaning up after themselves.

The Dining Hall

The Anna Irvin Dining Hall is conveniently located in the center of campus. It offers a wide variety of food options. You can choose an entree, with or without meat, and vegetables; order a burger and fries from the grill; make your own sandwich at the deli; create your own salad at the salad bar; or enjoy pizza and pasta from the pizza bar.

All residents must participate in a residential dining meal plan of their choice, with the exception of non-first year freshmen living in Peck Hall and New Hall.  Those Peck Hall and New Hall residents choosing not to participate in a residential meal plan must purchase the current mandatory commuter meal plan or select from the commuter meal plan options.  There are a number of residential meal plans from which to choose:  10 meals per week plus 250 flex points, 15 meals per week plus 150 flex points, Residential Unlimited plus 100 flex points and a Residential 200 Block (Juniors and Seniors only) with 200 meals per term plus 150 flex points.

Laundry Rooms

Each residence hall has at least one laundry room equipped with washing machines and dryers.  These machines do not require coins to operate and are for residents’ use only. Do not leave clothes unattended in the laundry room.


Each undergraduate student is assigned a UM Post Office Box for receiving mail. The post office is located on the first floor in the SUB (Farmer Hall). You should check your box regularly since this is where you will receive all University correspondence.


You are encouraged to use the aluminum can and plain paper recycling bins in the building. Please place only appropriate items in these recycle bins! All other trash should be placed in the designated trash bins outside of your building.

Telephone Service

Public phones with local service are available in each residence hall.


There is no storage available for personal belongings over the summer.  All personals items must be removed and taken home and /or placed in storage off campus.  Personal items can be left in the room over winter and spring breaks.

Reserving Common Areas

If you or your campus organization would like to reserve one of the residence hall common areas or lounges, please contact the HRL Office. TV rooms are not available for exclusive meetings.

Cable TV

Each residence hall room is equipped with cable TV access. This service is provided by College Cable Service.  You must bring your own cable cord to connect.  If you are having cable problems, call 1-800-472-2054.