Safety & Security

Health and Safety Inspections

During the third week of each month, the HRL staff will inspect your room to ensure that you are in compliance with Housing & Residence Life Policies and Health and Safety Policies. If you are not in compliance with the policies, you will be written up and disciplinary action will be taken. Be sure to read all policies carefully.

Room Entry

University officials, including HRL staff members, reserve the right to enter your room, locked or unlocked, at any time it is deemed necessary. Entry may be required for the immediate resolution of problems such as rule enforcement, maintenance problems, illness, hazards, and other similar emergency situations. HRL staff members are not allowed to let other students in your room without your written permission.

Your Room Key

Your room key will be issued to you when you check-in. You will be responsible for turning in your key when you check-out of the residence hall. Keys may not be duplicated. If you lose your keys, report it immediately to the HRL Office. The locks will be changed for your protection and your account will be charged $75 per lock that is changed.

Lock Out Keys

If you find yourself locked out of your room between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, come to the HRL Office to borrow a “lockout” key. This key must be returned within 24 hours. If you are locked out after office hours, or on a weekend, see the RA on duty.

Electronic Access

All residence halls are equipped with electronic access to outer doors. There are at least two perimeter doors in each building which will be accessible electronically. The magnetic stripe on the back of your UM ID Card will provide you access to your building after hours. As you swipe your card through the reader, the door will unlock and allow you entry. Only those residents who live in that building will have access.

Since the card reader uses the magnetic stripe to read your card, DO NOT PUNCH HOLES OR OTHERWISE DAMAGE YOUR CARD! If you want to attach your keys to your ID Card, we suggest you use one of the UM ID Card holders available from the UM Bookstore. If you lose your UM ID Card, report it immediately to the UM Solution Center in the lower level of the Library.

With this comes shared responsibility for the security of all the residents of the hall. All residents should:

Carry their card at all times when leaving the building.

Report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the Photo Lab. A new card will be issued to you ($10) and your old card will be disabled.

Remember that the card issued to you is for your use only. Never allow another person to use your card at any time.

NOTE:  Tampering with or vandalizing electronic access equipment in the buildings is a very serious offense! If you notice damage, or you see someone vandalizing the equipment, report it immediately to the UMPD or to a hall staff member. The cost for repairs will be charged to the person responsible for the damage, or will be billed to the residents of the building if the individual is not identified.

Emergency Call Boxes

Each residence hall is equipped with one Emergency Call Box on the exterior of the building. Be sure you know where your building’s Emergency Call Box is located. Each Emergency Call Box is equipped with telephone touch pads and an emergency button. The emergency button automatically calls the UM Police Department and should be used for emergencies only.

Harassing Phone Calls

Unfortunately, from time to time, you may receive harassing phone calls. Such occurrences should be reported immediately to a member of the Housing staff and to the University Police Department.


If you suspect that your property has been stolen, contact a Housing staff member and the University Police Department as soon as possible after the article is discovered missing.

Loss of or Damage to Your Property

Always report any loss of or damage to your property to a Housing staff member immediately.

The University of Montevallo and the Housing & Residence Life Office are not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property.

Personal property includes, but is not limited to, clothing, furniture, computers, sports equipment, books, items left in storage, items left in laundry rooms, etc. This policy includes damage and loss due to water, fire, mildew, theft, natural disaster, etc.

If your belongings are damaged or lost, you must file with your personal insurance company for recovery of cost. If you are not sure whether your belongings are covered by insurance, check with your parent’s insurance company. You are encouraged to purchase insurance to cover loss or damage.

Fire Safety

Fire and safety equipment in the residence halls is necessary and protects life and property. However, this equipment does no good if it is not in proper working order or if used improperly. Exit signs, fire extinguishers, hoses, alarms, smoke detectors, and heat sensors are safety features which safeguard the residents in case of fire. MISHANDLING OR DAMAGING THIS EQUIPMENT IN ANY WAY IS PROHIBITED. Familiarize yourself with the emergency escape routes and procedures that are posted in your room.

Ways You Can Help Contribute To Fire Safety

Keep all hallways, stairwells and entrances clear of boxes, bicycles and other objects that obstruct the passage way.

No smoking of any type in the residence hall.

Unplug curling irons and other appliances that create heat.

Do not bring toasters, electric fry pans, microwaves, space heaters, or other open coil appliances.

Do not overload outlets.

Do not burn candles, lanterns or other such “open flame” types of luminaries.

Fire Drills

In accordance with University regulations, HRL conducts a fire drill at least once a semester. Failure to evacuate a residence hall during a fire drill will result in disciplinary action. Remember, when an alarm sounds, always take the alarm seriously and assume there is a fire!

What To Do When A Fire Alarm Sounds

1. Feel the door to the room. If it is cool, students should leave the room and follow the evacuation route. If the door is hot, you should stay in your room and contact the University Police at 665-6500. You should put wet towels or sheets under the door jamb to keep smoke out. If smoke seeps into the room, stay low and open a window for ventilation unless there is smoke or flames outside your window. Signal for help from your window by hanging something white outside of your window. DO NOT JUMP!

2. You should always follow the designated evacuation routes. Never use the elevator. If you encounter smoke or fire, use another route or return to your room if necessary. Once outside of the building, go to the designated shelter area and do not reenter the building until you are told by a staff member that it is safe.

NOTE: Persons placing false fire alarms may be prosecuted under campus, city, state and federal laws. Penalties for false alarm placement can be punishable up to $2000 plus court costs under AL Code 13A-10-8.

Remember: When a fire alarm sounds, always take the alarm seriously and assume there is a fire!

The alarm system is checked the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 10:00 am. Evacuation is not required for this test.

Severe Weather

It is not uncommon for tornado watches and warnings to be issued for this area. Should the campus be in danger the University Police will activate the alarm located on top of Main Hall. The alarm can easily be heard all over campus.

Tornado warnings will be announced with a continuous three minute blast of the tornado siren. When the alarm sounds, you are expected to evacuate immediately and report to the designated storm shelter. You will be told where your residence hall’s storm shelter is at the first hall meeting.

Get in an interior room or hallway away from doors and windows. Be sure to take any emergency medications you may need with you. You should not use the elevators or go outside the building.

You should stay in the storm shelter area until a University staff member notifies you that it is safe to leave.

Power outages may occur during severe weather. Keep a battery-powered flashlight on hand in case of a power outage. Because of the extraordinary danger of fire, do not use candles! Stay calm if warnings are issued or power outages occur. Listen to and cooperate with your hall staff.

The alarm system is checked the first Wednesday of each month at approximately 10:00 am. Evacuation is not required for this test.