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Residence Halls

Ramsay Hall

Ramsay Hall is the designated building for both male and female honor students. Priority to live in Ramsay Hall will be for active members of the Honors program as long as they apply for Housing prior to the room assignments being completed in May. Ramsay Hall is specifically arranged to accommodate Honor students and the program.

2017-2018 Rates

Room Price
Double Occupancy $2,764
Double Occupancy Private $5,528

Additionally, a $100 housing deposit is required at the time of application. Students are also required to pay board.

Residence Hall Director

Anna Nabors

Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) at the University of Montevallo are graduate students or seniors who provide a critical link between the HRL Central Staff and the residence halls. RHDs are the managers of the residence halls. They supervise the Resident Assistants (RAs) in the halls and are expected to provide leadership in the residence halls. Some of the duties include counseling/advising residents and RAs, event planning for the residents, administrative duties, and participation in the RA and RHD selection and training processes.