Community Policies


Visitation is a privilege that allows you to have guests in your room.  Visitation hours are Sunday through Thursday 12:00 pm to 12:00 am and Friday and Saturday 12:00 pm to 2:00 am.

The visitation hours will be posted in conspicuous areas throughout the building and near the exterior doors.

During visitation, guests (including family members) may visit you in your room. These guests must be escorted at all times in the private living areas of the buildings.

Any violation of this policy will be considered a serious behavioral violation and will be confronted immediately. Residents of the building are expected to assist in the enforcement of this policy by reporting any violations to hall staff.

Remember: It is important that you be courteous to your roommate while having visitors and sensitive to his/her right to privacy.

Visitation is not…

  • open access to residence halls.
  • permission to engage in illegal or illicit activities.
  • cohabitation
  • a means by which student’s privacy is compromised by the presence of a visitor. One student’s right to have visitors does not supersede another’s desire for an academic atmosphere.
  • the University’s assumption of a parental role with student.

Visitation is…

  • an organized method by which residents may have friends, relatives, and fellow students visit their private living areas for the purpose of studying, relaxing, and socializing.
  • a set of reasonable parameters within which roommates may determine collectively how to balance study, sleep, and social activities within their living quarters.
  • a privilege extended to adult students living within the residence halls.
  • a means by which the University facilitates responsible growth and development among residence hall students to prepare them to handle the freedom they will encounter when choosing to pursue independent living arrangements.


All guests are subject to all rules of the University and it is your responsibility to inform your guests of those policies and standards of conduct. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests. University personnel have the right to ask your guest to leave the campus if she/he participates in behaviors which violate policy. You may have overnight guests of the same sex in your room with the permission of your roommate. Guests may only stay on-campus up to three nights of any week or a total of eight nights per semester.  All guests policies also apply if you have a private room.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are defined as those times during which you are prohibited from making any noise which can be heard in any room other than your own. This refers primarily, but not exclusively, to loud noise from stereo equipment, radios, television, and verbal communication. All residence halls honor quiet hours from 8:00 pm to 10:00 am, Sunday-Thursday and from midnight to 10am Friday and Saturday. During the week prior to and the week of final exams, twenty-four hour quiet hours will be observed in all halls.


Persons of legal age (21) are permitted to possess or consume alcoholic beverages in the residence hall system. However, consumption is limited to the privacy of an individual student’s room. Drinking in any other area in or around the residence hall is prohibited.

Transportation of alcoholic beverages in open containers is not allowed. Students may not appear at any time or in any place on the University campus in an intoxicated condition.

Kegs, “ponies” and party balls are not allowed in the residence halls.

Remember: You will be held responsible for your actions. Alcohol will not be accepted as an excuse for any violation of policy.

Students of legal age are allowed to entertain guests of legal age with alcohol in the privacy of their own rooms under the following conditions:

  1. The total number of people in the room shall not exceed six.
  2. The door to the hallway must be kept closed.
  3. The host(s) shall be responsible for the behavior of their guests.

Any attempt to circumvent this policy, or the intent of this policy, shall be considered a behavioral violation.


No University of Montevallo student, while under the jurisdiction of the University, may possess or consume any narcotics or stimulants unless prescribed by his/her physician. No student shall dispense narcotics or stimulants to other students.

The University of Montevallo assumes no duty to protect students from their own abuse of drugs or alcohol or to protect third persons from the conduct of students.

Firearms and Weapons

The University of Montevallo prohibits possession or use of firearms, ammunition, bowie knives or swords, instruments of like kind, bows and arrows, and other potentially dangerous weapons, including firecrackers or other explosive devices, in or on all University Campus.

Firearms and other weapons possessed legally which are brought on to University property shall be registered with the University Police and held in custody by the UM Police, to be released to the owner upon the owner’s departure from campus. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors of the University of Montevallo.


You are sharing relatively close quarters with many people in a residence hall. Consideration with regard to noise is vital to maintaining the quality of your environment. Noise created by an individual or group greatly affects other members of your community.

It is your responsibility to request the termination of any unreasonable noise. It is then the responsibility of any resident who is asked to cease activities causing noise to abide by the request. If a disturbance persists, you should notify a hall staff member.

At times other than designated quiet hours, you should observe “courtesy hours” by showing consideration for your neighbors and responding positively to requests to reduce or minimize noise.

  • Pets

    Pets are not allowed in or near the residence halls. Small aquariums, up to 10 gallons, which house fish that live completely submerged in water, may be kept in your room.  “Fish” DOES NOT  include frogs, turtles, etc that may live submerged in water….. only FISH are allowed as pets.

    Prohibited Areas

    For your safety, you are not allowed on rooftops, ledges, or balconies without permission of the Resident Hall Director.  No one is allowed on the fire escapes of the buildings unless it is an emergency situation. Climbing, scaling or rappelling the outside of a residence hall, and throwing items from windows, is strictly prohibited.


    Smoking or the burning of any type of pipe, cigar, cigarette, or similar products is prohibited in all residence halls, both in common areas and individual rooms. This includes hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, lobbies or other common areas of the buildings.   Smoking is also prohibited within twenty five (25) feet of the residence halls.

    Candles and Incense

    Because of the considerable potential of fire, you are not permitted to burn candles in your residence hall. You may have decorative candles as long as the wick has not been burned. Burning incense is also not allowed due to the fire hazard it presents and because the scent may be annoying to your neighbors.

    You may purchase Glade Flameless Candles to use in your room.

    Extension Cords

    Extension cords are not allowed to bring to campus.  You will need to bring one or two surge protectors with you.  You cannot plug extension cords in to surge protectors. Multiple outlet surge protectors are the only type of extension allowed in the residence halls.

    Space Heaters, etc.

    Fire regulations prohibit the use of open coil appliances in your room. Do not use hot plates, broilers, toasters, toaster ovens, or other type appliances. The use of space heaters is strictly prohibited.


    You are responsible for disposing of your trash in the hall’s designated trash bins outside of the building. Because some buildings have bins where the trash is picked up by hand, please place all trash in trash bags before disposal.

    Trash should never be left in the hall bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, lounges, or your room. Disposing properly of trash not only enhances the appearance of the residence halls, but helps discourage bugs from hanging out in your room!


    Door to door solicitation, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited in the residence halls. Solicitation is defined as any activity that is designed to promote, advertise or sell a product or service.


    You are responsible for the condition of your room and all the furnishings assigned to it. If the room is damaged, or its furnishings are damaged or lost, you are financially responsible, and the amount for repair or replacement will be added to your student bill.

    The intentional or reckless destruction of any University property or equipment may result in judicial proceedings. The University will determine charges for damages and cleaning. Residents may not make repairs or replace items.

    Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Skates

    Bicycle racks are provided outside each residence hall. You are not allowed to store bicycles in stairwells, basements, or other common areas within the hall.

    Motorcycles must be parked in designated areas and are not permitted in the buildings. The University Police may impound illegally parked motorcycles.

    Skates or like devices may not be used in the residence halls.