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Student Conduct Procedures

Student Conduct Grievance

Conduct Grievance Procedures

The Board of Trustees and the President of the University are ultimately responsible for governing the University. The student conduct system is administered by the Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs/Dean of Students (VPESA/DOS) in the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs. The VPESA/Dean of Students, in turn, designates the Student Conduct Officer/Deputy Title IX (SCO) as the University’s official judicial / student conduct officer with administrative authority and responsibility for oversight and enforcement of Student Conduct policies and procedures. This responsibility includes formulating and implementing policies and procedures, in cooperation with other appropriate University bodies, for the consideration of conduct violations and the imposition of sanctions in an efficient, consistent, fair, legal, and educationally meaningful manner. The SCO may further delegate responsibility to various judicial bodies and administrative staff including Housing and Residence Life staff, Justice Council and Administrative Council.

Once an alleged violation has occurred, an incident report is filed with the Student Conduct Officer/Deputy Title IX (SCO). Reporters, who are individuals initiating a complaint, must file an incident report within a timely manner not to exceed one year from the date of the alleged incident except in circumstances wherein an ongoing threat to the health and safety of the campus community is suspected. Reports may be filed in person, electronically or in writing by University faculty, staff, students, and/or police officers. A valid complaint must be related to a Student Code of Conduct violation and/or any violation of local, state or federal law. Incident reports should include the identity of the alleged violator, the location of the alleged incident, and as much information as possible related to the specifics of the alleged incident. For more information or to file an incident report, please visit:

Violations of regulations of residences, libraries, resource centers, and other areas of University life may also result in disciplinary action. For further regulations pertaining to conduct within the residence halls see the University of Montevallo Residence Hall Handbook at

 All types of incident reports including those related to sexual misconduct or abuse, stalking, domestic violence, and/or dating violence may be filed with and investigated individually or collaboratively by the SCO, the Title IX Coordinator, the University Police Department, Housing and Residence Life staff as well as in partnership with other University and/or community teams and/or committees as necessary. University officials are available to assist anyone needing such assistance in matters wherein law enforcement notification may be warranted. In situations involving threatening behavior, sexual misconduct or abuse, stalking, domestic violence, and/or dating violence, other available options may include assistance with changing academic, living, transportation, and working situations regardless of a victim’s choice in reporting the situation to campus or local police. Individuals needing assistance with filing an incident report and/or discussing their options for pursuing a case should contact the Dean of Students, the University Judicial/student conduct officer, or the Title IX Coordinator. Contact information for these individuals is below as well as information related to available campus and community resources.

Ms. Barbara Forrest
Title IX Compliance Officer
Will Lyman House
Station 6055
Montevallo, AL 35115
Phone: 205.665.6055
Dr. Tammi Dahle
VPESA/ Dean of Students
Primary Appellate Officer
Main Hall, Lower Level
Station 6020
Montevallo, AL 35115
Phone: 205.665.6020
Ms. Karen Willingham
Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Director of Student Conduct
Main Hall, Lower Level
Station 6020
Phone: 205.665.6020

Community and Campus Resources (see Quick Links at bottom of page for a list of Resources for Survivors)

UM Police
Montevallo City Police
911 or 205.665.1264
UM Counseling Services
(On-Campus Confidential Reporting)205.665.6245
(Advocacy & Legal Assistance)
Rape Response
205-323-7273 or (Advocacy & Legal Assistance)