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Student Conduct Procedures



If a student(s) or organization is found in violation of the Student Conduct Code, they may be subject to one or more sanctions. Students or organizations not completing and/or adhering to assigned sanctions may be subject to additional Student Code of Conduct violation(s) as well as additional sanctions including suspension. The following alphabetical list is not all inclusive:

Administrative Probationa reprimand that includes strict adherence to University regulation(s), local, state and federal laws and carries the probability of more severe disciplinary actions if the student is found to be in violation of University regulation(s), local, state and federal laws during the specified probationary period

Counseling Assessment – a referral to UM Counseling Services for an assessment

Educational Sanctions – programs such as an educational module, specific class, researching a topic relating to the incident and writing an essay on the topic, as well as what has been learned from the experience; or alcohol and/or drug education, if applicable

Expulsion permanent termination of student status at the University

Fine– a fine paid to the University

Housing Points– points given for violations that occur in or near the Residence Halls (refer to Housing and Residence Life Handbook)

Loss of Privilege – prohibition from use of specific university buildings and services, or participation in specific groups or events.

Removal from Residence Hall– a loss of the privilege of living in the Residence Halls for violations that occur in or near the Residence Halls

Reprimand – an official warning in writing

Restitution – reimbursement for damages or loss incurred

Social Probation – prohibition from participating in any officially recognized extracurricular activity and/or holding office in any University registered organization

Suspensionremoval from the University for a specified period of time. When a student is suspended and required to leave the University community due to discipline, he or she may not re-enter without an interview with the Dean of Students and the Chair of the Justice Council or appropriate designees of either party. Upon their recommendation, a student may regain full student status.

Warning – an oral or written statement warning of a violation